You’re Mine

Her name was Lee Byun and she was the youngest of a Korean immigrant family. After an initial assessment, it was decided that Lee and her twin older brother would be held back a grade to allow them to adjust socially, catch up academically, and improve their language capabilities. This rubbed Lee’s brothers the wrong […]

In Front of My Friends

Mel and I hooked up pretty often for a few months. Her roommates were usually gone so I would come over to her place and we’d mess around in her living room or bedroom then go our separate ways. If you haven’t read my previous stories about her, all you really need to know is […]

Proving My Worth

She walks through the office hurriedly. Almost late to a meeting, and she hates not being punctual. Especially for him. She arrives at her boss’ door, knocks and waits. Tries to smooth her skirt and hair, with a little success before: “Come in.” His low, deep voice rumbles through the air. She enters, still breathless […]