Erotica Sample #3

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My married neighbor called me up and let me know that his wife was going out of town to her mother’s house for the weekend. He asked me if I would like to stay the night with him. I thought it over for a couple minutes and decided that it could be a lot of fun. He told me he would call me on Saturday when she left.


It was a long week waiting for Saturday to come around. I kept coming up with ideas that I wanted to try out. I was a bit nervous as really him and I had never spent any real time together. I was a bit afraid that spending more time with him would make me like him less.


Saturday finally came around and I found myself looking out my window to see if her car had left. At about noon I saw her pull out. I quickly jumped in the shower and got myself all made up. I put on my tight lime green dress and matching heels. I put my makeup on a bit thicker than usual as I wanted to look more slutty than I usually do.


I went down and sat on the couch and waited for his call…and waited…and waited. I was starting to get pissed, when at around 5pm he finally called. “Come on over,” he told me.” I’m ready.”


I walked over, still a little fuming but relieved that he finally did call. I came to the door and he was there waiting to meet me. He kissed me on the cheek and led me in.


I sat down on the couch and he walked in the kitchen. He came out a minute later with two vodka and orange juice and handed one to me. It tasted really good and I drank it pretty quick. He was a bit surprised and he offered me another.


We sat and talked about our lives a bit while we drank, I could already feel my buzz growing as I hadn’t eaten anything all day. He was much more interesting than I ever imagined. He traveled through Europe when he was younger and told me all the stories that he had experienced while over there. He was also a pretty big shot at the company that he worked for. I was really surprised by that. I had never seen him dress up to go to work or when he came home. He always wore blue jeans so I figured he just worked an average job.


As we talked, he kept touching my bare leg and as the drinks kept flowing it felt better and better. I finally stood up and told him I had to use the restroom. He told me that the downstairs bathroom was being worked on so I would have to use the one attached to his room.


I made my way up his stairs and hoped he would follow. I went into the bathroom, went pee, then started to look around.


I had worn his wife’s panties once before and it really drove him wild, so I looked around to see if I could one-up that. I started digging through their dresser until I found what I was looking for.


I was a sexy little red nightie with little white frills on the bottom. I tore off my dress and slipped it on. It was a tad big on me but fit well enough. I then found her panty drawer and found the only red pair she had. It was a thong, a bit big again but it would do.


He must have wondered what was taking so long and I heard him make his way up the steps. I jumped in his bed and laid there rubbing my pussy lightly through her panties.


He walked through the door and just stood there, smiling.


“You’re going to get me in trouble,” he said.


I just laid there and smiled, not saying a word. He walked over to me and leaned down to kiss me, placing his hand right on my pussy. I was instantly soaked. He rubbed lightly through the thin fabric. My clit stiffened at his touch. I reached for his cock but he slapped my hand away.


He stood up and pulled a little vial out of his pants.


“Ever try coke?” He asked.


I was a bit taken back. I had never even seen it, let alone done it.


I told him no and he asked if I’d like to try.


Feeling buzzed already I figured why not. You only live once, right?


He lined some up on the nightstand and he showed me how to do it. It looked painful so I was really having doubts.


He handed me the little straw and I positioned my nose over it. I plugged one nostril and sucked hard. The powder burned as it shot through the straw. My eyes watered and I just started rubbing my nose to get the burning to go away.


He laughed at me as the burning finally stopped. All of the sudden I could feel everything. The hairs on my body, my heart beat throbbing through my clit. I felt like my pussy was on fire and needed to be fulfilled. He kissed me and I could feel the little bumps on his tongue and the ridges of his lips.


He pulled off his clothes and his massive cock was already hard waiting for me. I grabbed it in my hand, feeling every bit of it. The ridges and veins, the smooth skin of his head. I took him in my mouth as fast and deep as I could. I could taste everything. His sweat and a hint of his piss. It was all intoxicating and I couldn’t get enough.


He pulled his cock away and spread some of the coke on it. I snorted it up eagerly and went back to work on it. I told him I needed him to cum in my mouth as I wanted to taste it. I started stroking him with my hand and begging him. I kept looking up at him while I stroked his rod. It drove him wild.


“Please baby, cum in my little mouth.” I was begging.


He started moaning loudly so I buried his cock back in my mouth. It felt like fire hitting the back of my throat as he blew his load. So salty and sweet. It started escaping my lips so I took my finger and captured his cum so I could have more. It was like it was keeping me alive.


He then pushed me down on the bed and dove head first into my cunt. He just pulled his wife’s panties to the side and went at me, his tongue burying deep inside of me. The feeling was electric. The sensations were almost too much for me to bear. The coke had made my pussy feel like it had never felt before.


I couldn’t control myself. I kept grinding my pussy up against his face as hard as I could, trying to get his tongue deeper. I don’t know how long it was but it couldn’t have been very long. My entire body convulsed. I could feel the orgasm throughout my bones, like it was ripping through my skin. I was squirting all over, my pussy contracting like it was closing up then letting loose another stream of my juices. I collapsed and tried to catch my breath. I was panting like I had run a marathon. I closed my eyes, my head spinning, I felt like I was on the verge of blacking out. I could feel my juices still leaking out of me.


When I opened my eyes I saw that he had stood up and was looking for something in his nightstand. I just kind of watched as everything seemed to be moving in slow motion for me. The combo of booze, coke, and such an intense orgasm had spent me. I could still taste his cum on my lips and could feel some of it that had leaked out had dried and was kind of crusty on my chin. I was exhausted, used up, and just wanted to sleep, even though the coke had me feeling like I had already slept for 2 days and I was itching to go.


After a minute of rustling through the nightstand, he finally came back on the bed. He had a bottle of lube, handcuffs, and a big, thick dildo.


I was impressed. I didn’t think his wife had any kink in her, but these things were proving me wrong. I asked him what he had planned and he just told me to relax and to trust him.


He told me to lay on my stomach and grab the headboard of the bed. I did as I was instructed and he promptly handcuffed my wrists to the bars on the headboard. I was excited but nervous. I’m not used to giving up complete control. I felt a bit of fear well up inside of me. It really turned me on.


He told me to get up into the doggy position. I complied. He positioned himself behind me and started rubbing his stiff cock up against my pussy and my little asshole.


I had told him before that I didn’t do anal at all, so I really didn’t know what was about to happen. This made me even wetter.


I felt the cold lube squirt out of the bottle and all over my ass, dripping down my pussy and on to the bed. He drenched my entire ass with the lube and rubbed it in. It felt really good and it warmed up nicely.


I then felt him grab the dildo and slide it around on my clit. My entire pussy was sensitive and craved being stuffed. He slid it in slowly. It was really wide and stretched me to my limits. I felt each inch sliding deeper inside of me until it was buried to the hilt. He just kept it inside of me and he placed the head of his cock right at the opening of my asshole. I was tense as I was afraid he was going to hurt me. I wanted to tell him to stop but I couldn’t seem to make myself say it.


I felt him press his cock a bit harder up against my asshole and I tightened up. He told me to relax and he pulled the dildo out of my cunt.


He spread my ass with his hands and as I relaxed I felt the head of his thick cock pop in. It hurt a bit and I felt like my ass was ripping apart. He just held it there until I relaxed more and accepted his size.


He started sliding it in further, slowly inch by inch until it was buried. My nerves were gone at this point, it hurt – but it was a good type of hurt. His cock was hitting spots that were sending jolts through my body. I didn’t know if it was from the coke or if I was really enjoying it. All I knew is that it felt good. He started moving a bit faster and I felt myself moving along with him. I was moaning loudly as his full hard cock eased in and out of my tight ass, his big balls slapping up against my pussy.


I wanted to reach down and rub my clit and that’s when I realized I was still cuffed. A bit of panic came over me before his cock slammed me again and took away my fears.


I then felt the tip of the dildo press up against my pussy. I was soaking wet, so it slipped right in. The feeling of being double stuffed was more than I could take. I started to cum almost immediately. My entire body once again convulsed. He was talking dirty to me but I couldn’t make out what he was saying. I was trying to collapse but he held me up by my hips, not letting me fall.


He just kept pounding me all the way through my orgasm. My head was spinning again and I honestly felt faint. He pulled his cock out of my ass and I felt his warm jizz spray on to my now loose ass, drip down all over my pussy. He took his hand and started rubbing my clit, rubbing his hot cum into it and it made me cum again. He then moved up to the head of the bed and told me to clean him up.


I was reluctant but I did what I was told. He stuffed his cock in my mouth, the taste of cum, lube and my own ass was strangely erotic. I sucked on him until he went soft.


We stayed up all that night, high as fuck and bouncing off the walls. We fucked 4 more times and I stayed at his house the entire day. I dressed up in his wife’s clothes and made him fuck me in them. It was fucking incredible.


Hope you all enjoyed it. I know I did!



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