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I moved towards the box closest to me and made it a few steps before I heard wood splintering and felt myself fall.  


I screamed like I’d never screamed before as wood scraped my legs and only stopped when I realized I’d quit falling.  I opened my eyes and screamed again.  I was stuck halfway between floors.  My arms had acted out of instinct and I’d grabbed onto the small railing beside me.  My legs dangled helplessly through the hole but from my chest up I was still holding tight in the attic. 


“Oh, god!  Oh, god!”  I chanted out loud in my fear.  I was going to die.  No one would ever know I was stuck in the floor and they’d never think to break into the house to find me.  I would starve to death and die.  I would never get to orgasm again before death.


That thought thoroughly depressed me and I promised myself I’d see a therapist about it if I made it out of there alive. 


I heard shouting from downstairs and paused in my despair.  The front door was locked.  Someone might’ve heard me scream but I couldn’t get down there to let them in.


At least I thought that would stop them until I heard the sound of my front door swinging open and crashing into the wall.  I winced at the mental image the sound created.  My poor newly painted wall.


When I heard who was shouting my name I groaned.  I wasn’t going to bite the hand that fed me or anything.  I wanted rescued.  I just felt a little bitter about the fact that it had to be freaking Monroe doing the rescuing.  Of course it was Monroe.


I heard his boots clobbering the stairs and then shouted to him for help.  He appeared in an instant, his hair tousled and his face pulled tight in stress.  As soon as he saw me he reached down and grabbed me and carefully pulled me up and into his arms.  


A better woman would’ve pulled away.  A better woman would’ve realized that he wasn’t her hero.  I wasn’t that woman.  I clung to him like he was the last wand of mascara on the planet.  


His arms wrapped all the way around me and his hands ended up low on my waist while his chin rested on the top of my head.  “I’ve never heard anyone scream like that.  You scared the hell out of me.”


I ran my hands over my face and found wetness.  I’d been crying.  How embarrassing.  I wiped the tears away and scooted away from him.  “I just fell through.  I thought I was a goner.”


He looked down at the hole and bent down to inspect it closer.  “This part of the floor is rotten.  I’ll fix it for you and make sure the rest of the floor in here is safe.  That could’ve gone so much worse.  I’ll have to repair your-”


I looked at him and frowned.  He’d just frozen.  “What?”


When he looked back at me there was heat and curiosity in his eyes.  “Were you having a big night?”


I followed his nod and damn near choked on my spit.  The hole made a perfect window to my room, where all of my toys were still spread across my bed.  The sound of an old country song wafted up to my ears and I closed my eyes as my face turned eighty shades of red.


“It’s not what it looks like…  I mean…  It was…  I just…”  I threw my hands up in defeat.  “Okay, fine.  It’s exactly what it looks like.  Women do it, too, you know?  It’s normal…  I just needed to do it.  Not that I could…  I didn’t mean for this to happen, Monroe.  I didn’t expect you to bust down my door and save me.  I would’ve tidied up first.  I can’t believe this is happening.”  


I was rambling so fast that my own head felt like one of those giant tea cups at the fair when some little kid inside twirls the table too fast. 


“Why couldn’t you do it?”  His eyes had darkened and his body was still coiled tight.


I stuttered a few times before finally getting real words out.  “I’m broken.  Wait.  That’s not right…  I’m just having some trouble.  It’ll be fine.”


He smiled slowly and his dimple peeked out at me.  “What kind of trouble?”


“I can’t… you know.”  Dear god.  Why was I still talking?




I glared at him.  “You know!”


“Tell me.”


I shook my head.  I was out of that game.  “Monroe, go home.”


He reached out and grabbed me faster than I could make any sound and then I was pressed tight against his chest.  He lowered his mouth until his lips brushed my ear when he spoke.  “Tell me what you can’t do, sugar.”


My nipples hardened against his chest and the sound of his deep voice calling me sugar had liquid heat pooling between my legs.  Still, the good girl in me put my hands on his chest to push away.  Only I didn’t push.  When I felt his body under my hands I just rested my hands there and let myself feel his strength.


Monroe wasn’t finished with me yet.  He lowered his mouth to my ear again and lowered his voice until it felt like a caress.  “Tell me, baby.  Tell me and I’ll make it better.”


My breath was coming out in short gasps and I was sure my body temperature was way too high to be counted normal.


When I remained silent Monroe grew more demanding.  One of his hands tangled in my hair and he pulled it to one side, revealing more of my skin to him.  He ran his mouth up the curve of my neck and his tongue brushed over my earlobe lightly. 


I gasped and pressed myself against him harder.  My body loved the way he was controlling it.  My mind was too caught off guard to catch up.


“You can’t come, Parker?”


I shook my head and dug my nails into his chest.  


He shifted and grabbed my wrist.  “Trust me.”


I didn’t understand what he meant until he shifted so there was a little bit of space between our bodies and guided my hand down to my core.  When I realized where he was leading me I froze. 


“Relax, sugar.  Close your eyes and breathe.  Let me help.”


I must’ve hit my head at some point of the fall because what he was saying made sense to my need clogged mind.  I was too horny to be expected to make a good decision.  I relaxed into him and closed my eyes.


With his lips against my ear again he spoke low commands.  “Imagine your wildest fantasy, Parker.  Imagine the dirtiest thing you want and picture it happening to you right now.”


The dirtiest thing I wanted was happening in that moment.  I moaned as his lips closed over the skin below my ear.  


His hand guided my fingers to touch myself through the thin fabric of my panties.  His fingers pressed intimately against my fingers and found a rhythm as he helped me rub my body.  “What are you seeing?”


I let my head fall back as the sensations washed over me.  I was a total goner.  Monroe had done what falling through the floor couldn’t do to me.  “You.”


His fingers tightened over mine when he heard the words.  His lips moved over my jaw and stopped right next to my mouth.  “What am I doing to you?”


I pressed against him until our fingers were trapped between my core and his erection.  “This.  Right now.  Touching me.  Making me come for you.”


Monroe jerked forward and groaned as our fingers rubbed him.  “I’ve spent a lot of time imagining you, Parker.  This is a new one.”


I was practically panting.  My body felt amazing against his.  “Tell me another one.”


He pressed harder against my fingers and the corner of his mouth brushed over the corner of mine.  “I have you bent over my bed, fucking you hard from behind while you scream my name.  In my fantasies you always liked it when I pulled your hair.”


I moaned and nodded.  “Yes.


“You want me to pull your hair?”


I nodded and cried out when his big hand grabbed even more of my hair and pulled hard.  


He bent forward as I bent backwards, keeping his mouth on my chin and then my neck.  Then his hand was traveling down to grab a handful of my ass to yank me tighter against him.


My body lifted into his when he pulled me forward and my fingers slipped.  My fingers slipped but Monroe’s didn’t.  Suddenly his fingers were circling over my clit instead of my own and the sensation was a world different.  I bit down hard on my bottom lip to keep from screaming his name.


“Holy fuck, sugar.  I can feel how wet you are through these tiny little panties.  Your body wants me as much as I want it.”


“Touch me, Monroe.” 


He didn’t hesitate to slide his hand into my panties and continue without the barrier.  His fingers were rough and hot against my bare flesh.  He pushed a long finger into me without a moment’s pause.  He knew what he wanted, what I wanted.


I cried out his name and let my head fall back.  I couldn’t remember the last time I’d felt so good. 


“I want to fuck you, Parker.  I want to slide my dick into this tight little pu-”


“Monroe!  Where are you?!”  An annoying familiar voice broke through my stupor.


It took me about half a second to shove my body away from Monroe’s.  Shame flooded me as I realized how far we’d gotten.  “Oh, god.”


Monroe wasn’t as deterred as me.  He reached for me again.  “I’ll get rid of her.  I just want this.  I want you.”


I shoved him away and shook my head roughly.  “Get out.  Get out right now!  We shouldn’t have done that.”


“Monroe!?”  His girlfriend wasn’t giving up.  She was suspicious and she had a good reason to be.



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