In Front of My Friends

Mel and I hooked up pretty often for a few months. Her roommates were usually gone so I would come over to her place and we’d mess around in her living room or bedroom then go our separate ways. If you haven’t read my previous stories about her, all you really need to know is that she loved sucking cock, to the point where 90% of the time we hung out I would get blown and leave. We had only fucked once up until this point.


When we weren’t hanging out in person we’d sext and talk about what naughty things we wanted to try. We were both really into voyeur-type kinks. The idea of being watched always turned the both of us on. She’d asked a few times if I’d let her blow me in front of one of her guy friends, and although I thought the idea was really hot I always chickened out on actually following through and setting it up. I knew she probably hooked up with other guys and that was fine with me since we were just friends with benefits.


A few months into our ‘relationship’, she texted me saying she was having a party at her apartment and asked if I wanted to join. We’d never really hung out outside of hooking up together alone but she was a pretty cool person and it sounded like a good time. Also, I knew there was a decent chance I’d get my cock sucked at some point so I wasn’t going to turn it down.


I arrived fashionably late to her apartment building and walked up to the second floor where her unit was. I heard music and laughing from inside the apartment and walked inside. Mel greeted me at the door and asked if I wanted a drink. She looked really cute. As usual, she was wearing a summery-type print dress, her curly brown hair in a ponytail and she preferred glasses to contacts. Mel was 5 foot or less, and borderline BBW. She had curves in all the right places and I loved it.


There were 10 or so people there aside from us, and she led me to the cooler in the kitchen where I grabbed a beer. She wanted to introduce me to some friends so she brought me back to the living room and walked me up to two of her friends.


“This is Ada and Matt,” She said. I smiled and introduced myself. They seemed friendly. Matt was around my age, hipster type. Ada was a taller black girl and very pretty. They asked if we were going to smoke some pot later and Mel giggled and said “probably, I’ll let you guys know if we do”.


Mel introduced me to a few more friends and we settled on the couch to play some cards against humanity with some of the guests. An hour or so goes by and I run off to go to the bathroom. The bathroom door was next to Mel’s bedroom door and they both ran into the kitchen. As I walked out Mel was alone in the kitchen and asked if I wanted to sneak off and smoke some pot. I’ve never been much of a pot smoker but I sometimes did it with her for fun.


I said sure and she pulled me off into her bedroom. She didn’t have much in her room at all. There was a mattress without a bed frame on the floor, a nightstand, and a tv in the corner. I sat on the bed with my back propped against the wall while she went into her nightstand and started packing a bowl.


We made small talk about her friends as she finished and took the fist puff. She handed the pipe to me as she moved onto the bed. I took a small hit as she giggled and laid her head in my lap, looking up at me with a smile. I smiled back and passed the pipe back to her. She took a puff and slowly blew the smoke out over my crotch and giggled.


She put the pipe down and slid the bottom of my shirt up, exposing my waistband and zipper. I knew where this was going and I already felt my dick swelling under my pants. She opened her mouth and licked the outline of my cock from outside my pants once before unbuttoning my pants and opening them. She grabbed the waist of my pants and briefs and pulled them down just below my balls and my cock sprang out.


“Is this what you came here for?” She asked as she lightly lifted my cock upright from the base and popped my swollen head into her mouth.


“Maybe,” I replied, letting out a sigh as I felt her warm mouth engulf my head then move lower down my shaft. I felt her hand brush my balls and lightly tug on them as she slowly worked my cock with her mouth.


“Did daddy come all this way to my party just to get his cock sucked?” She asked as she popped my cock out her mouth for a moment to lick the underside of my shaft with her tongue.


The moment she finished her sentence the bedroom door made a noise and opened about an inch. Mel quickly threw the covers over my crotch as the door fully swung open. Matt and Ada walked in…


“You were supposed to tell us when you were going to smoke!” Ada said as she came through the door, Matt in tow. “Ooo what are you guys up to?” She continued as I knew it was probably pretty obvious we were at the minimum making out or something to someone who had just walked in. Neither seemed too phased as they were more concerned with smoking.


“Nothing, just smoking,” Mel replied. Ada and Matt walked around to the side of the bed where the nightstand was and sat on the edge, working on packing a fresh bowl. Me and Mel hadn’t really moved, we were just gauging the situation. My cock was barely hidden under the blanket, and my pants and underwear were almost at my knees.


When Mel got horny it was kind of hard to stop her in general. With Ada and Matt’s backs turned I felt her hand back on my cock under the blanket. She gave me a tight squeeze and pumped me really slowly as not to make too much noise or motion.


“Sorry guys, I totally forgot to get you guys before we smoked. We just finished but feel free to help yourself to my stash and pipe,” She said.


“Did he finish yet?” Ada replied, back still turned.


“Uhh what do you mean?” Mel said, taking her hand off my cock.


“Come on Mel, I know you too well. So does Matt. Did we cut you guys off or did you make him finish already?” Ada said, lifting the pipe to her mouth and lighting it.


“I mean… we weren’t really doing much but no he hadn’t finished yet,” Mel said.


Ada turned on the bed and leaned her back against the wall like I did, except she was on the other side of the bed. Matt hadn’t turned around yet, still sitting on the edge of the bed by the nightstand. I would imagine he felt super uncomfortable.


“Well make him finish so we can go back to the party. Haven’t you always wanted one of us to watch you?” She said. The gears started turning in my head. Mel had mentioned to me she wanted to blow me in front of one of her guy friends. Was it Matt?


Mel looked at me for guidance, not saying anything. I was always turned on by the idea but now that I was seemingly being thrust into it I was nervous, although I wasn’t really going to stop her. I had just had my cock sucked for about a minute before being completely cut off… so my judgment was clouded.


All I came up with was “I’m not going to stop you” in a shaky and nervous voice.


Ada giggled and said to Mel “Well, let’s see it!”. Matt turned around and sat on the window sill facing the bed, still playing with the pipe to not seem too awkward. Ada seemed right in her element. She was laying right next to us, practically asking Mel to blow me in front of her.


“Are you sure?” Mel asked me, almost lovingly. I nodded. It was a fantasy of mine and an even bigger one for Mel. She pulled the blanket back down to reveal my still throbbing cock. Ada smiled and complimented my cock and its larger-than-average head. Melissa stood my shaft up and pumped it a few times before letting my cock slide into her mouth and down her throat.


“Fuck yes,” Ada said, clearly turned on by what she was watching. “Matt, come sit with me”. They sat together next to us and watched as Mel worked my cock and balls. She was extremely gifted with her mouth. She had no problem taking my entire cock down her throat and clearly wanted to show it off to her audience.


She increased the pace and I started thrusting my hips in motion with her sucking. I frequently made eye contact with Ada. It was really hot watching her get turned on by my cock getting sucked and I wanted to eye-fuck her until I came. I noticed Ada’s hand was in Matt’s lap, giving him a little attention as he was probably hard as a rock. I felt my orgasm start to build and I told Mel I was about to cum.


“Wait wait, stop Mel. [redacted], aren’t you going to fuck her?” Ada said with a devilish smile.


“He’s about to cum, Ada” Mel replied, taking my cock out of her mouth. “He’s going to last like one second.”


I could tell by the tone of her voice that she was really turned on by the idea of taking it a step further in front of her friends.


“That’s okay, we need to go back to the living room soon or people are going to wonder where we are,” Ada replied.


“What position?” Mel asked Ada, instead of me.


“Come lay next to me,” Ada replied as she gently guided Mel over next to her. Mel lay on her back next to Ada. Ada slid Mel’s dress up for her, revealing the fact that Mel had no panties on. She then grabbed Mel’s leg that was closer to her and pulled it up over onto her lap. Mel got the hint and moved her other leg to the opposite side, her legs spread for me.


“Come finish for us,” Ada said, eye-fucking the shit out of me. Matt was still next to her, looking uncomfortably horny. Poor guy.


My pants were still just right below my cock but I didn’t bother pulling them all the way down. I felt like I was about to cum whether or not I fucked Mel or not, I was that close when she stopped. I mounted her and thrust my cock inside her soaked pussy. I’ve still never met anyone that gets even close to as wet as she does. My face hung right over Mel’s and Ada’s as I started to thrust myself into Mel.


Ada looked me in the eyes and put one hand on my ass and pulled hard. “Cum for us, cum now baby,” She said. I lasted one or two pumps before I pulled my cock out, pulsing and spraying cum all over Mel’s stomach and pussy before I could even get my hand on it to stroke the rest out.


As my hand reached my cock Ada pulled harder on my ass. I brought my cock as close to Mel’s face as I could with the way my pants were restricting me. Her mouth lay open, tongue out as I emptied myself all over her. There was a path of cum splatter starting from her pussy and leading all the way up her stomach, dress, cleavage, and mouth.


“Goooood boy,” Ada said, giving my ass one last squeeze. “You made a mess,” she said to me, as she looked at Mel. She leaned over and licked a drop of cum off of Mel’s chin and giggled. She moved her head lower and gave a playful lick to some of the cum that was on Mel’s cleavage too. Mel was in heaven it seemed. She loved sucking cock, being watched, and getting covered in cum. She just got all three together. She lay there, legs still spread and dripping with my load for a few moments before Ada interjected.


“You need to help Mel clean up then get back to the party. I’m going to stay here with Matt for a minute,” she said. Poor Matt had to watch all that without getting any. I didn’t know if Ada and Matt were a couple (they didn’t seem like it when we met) but it was pretty obvious that Ada was horny and probably felt bad for Matt too.


Mel and I cleaned up and left the room. We played board games for the rest of the party and parted ways once it got late.