Proving My Worth

She walks through the office hurriedly. Almost late to a meeting, and she hates not being punctual. Especially for him. She arrives at her boss’ door, knocks and waits. Tries to smooth her skirt and hair, with a little success before:

“Come in.” His low, deep voice rumbles through the air. She enters, still breathless and flushed, and shuts the door behind her.

He glances up from his laptop, briefly takes in her appearance, looking a little longer than necessary. He gestures at a chair. “Please. Sit down.”

She sinks into the proffered seat gratefully, looking at her hands to stop herself staring. Her flush deepens. Her boss is an attractive man, a fact she’s yet to get used to, despite his frequent wanderings around the office.

“So. Your first performance review.”

“Yes sir,” she said, nervously shifting in her seat.

He clears his throat, looks at her surprisingly warmly. “How do you think you’ve been doing?”

“Well… I think. I get on with my colleagues, I’m managing to keep up with my work. I… I love my job.” She admits.

He continues smiling gently. “You’re doing very well, according to your supervisor.”
“Thank you, sir.” She says uncertainly. She senses there’s something wrong, that this is too good to be true.

“I’m afraid I’ve been asked to make some cutbacks, and well… You’re the newest employee.”

He leans forward, squeezes her hand. “I don’t want to do this,” he says, in a low confidential tone. His hand runs down her forearm.

“I… You don’t?”

“You’re a good worker. Attentive. An eye for detail… And as you say, you love your job. I really don’t want to lay you off. I’m going to talk to management about it.”

He clasps her hands, draws her closer so that she’s almost uncomfortably pressed against the desk. She watches him boldly eye her up.

“It’s not just because you have a pretty face, though I do appreciate that.” He chuckles. “Its… a little selfish, but I want to know you better.”

“You want me to sleep with you to keep my job?” She says calmly.

“No. I’ll keep you on either way but-“

She pushes her chair back, closes the blinds, and unbuttons her shirt slowly. He watches, his jaw dropped slightly.

“I was only going to ask you on a date,” he says, slightly baffled.
It’s her turn to chuckle. “Well I want more. Don’t you?”

“I… Yes.” He admits, seeming to accept he’s lost control of the situation. He doesn’t hide the hunger on his face as he sees how her bra clings to her breasts.
She takes it off.

Her nipples half-hardened, perfect for sucking, her perky breasts a generous handful for him to hold. She clearly keeps fit.

She wiggles off her skirt, hips swaying as she does. Reveals a pair of lacy panties.
His mouth goes dry. “Did you plan…?”

She smiles, somehow a little shyly. “I hoped.” Gestures at her last piece of clothing. “Do you want to…?’

He seems to recover a bit, shuts the laptop, moves it off the desk and pushes his chair backwards. “Onto here then,” he says, patting the work surface.

She slides herself on, opening her legs wide with a saucy grin. To her suprise he pulls her into a long kiss, which she returns with passion. He runs his hands lightly down her body, over the sides of her boobs, her hips, her thighs. His mouth drops to her breasts, planting tiny kisses over the skin, sucking her nipples. She moans quietly. He kisses the space between her breasts, moves lower, over her toned belly, the top of her panties. Then pulls them off, slowly.

She helps him take them off. Watches how his eyes linger over her pussy. Feels his fingers brush over her lips, part them gently. He groans hungrily as her wetness coats them, strokes her clit, teases her pussy. Pushes a finger a little inside, enjoying the tightness of her around him. Pushes another inside; both deeper until he can curl them upward inside her. So he can watch her face transported by pleasure.

He removes his fingers, sucks them clean, grips her hips and pulls her close. He runs his tongue lightly over her clit, explores her pussy. Gently blows a stream of air over already-sensitive nerves, making her moan. He continues to play with her, tongue and fingers, slowly building her climax.

She writhes under him, hips rocking with the rhythm he sets. Quiet, lustful moans slip from her lips. She tightens under him as her orgasm grows closer.

“God, please don’t stop,” she breathes.

He licks and sucks, devours her like a starving man until she cums, shaking. She takes in deep, quick, gasping breaths. He lets go of her, rubs circles over her clit with a thumb, prolonging her pleasure.

She drops to her knees before him, seductive in her satisfaction, frees his cock from his trousers. Pulls his chair closer and tucks herself under his desk.

“You don’t have-” he starts to protest, but she silences him with a finger on her lips.
“I want to prove my worth,” she says grinning up him wickedly.

Without waiting to hear more, she gulps down his cock, taking him as deep as she can then pulling back. She looks him in the eyes as she licks her lips, leans forward and daintly cleans the tip of his cock. She continues to lick his shaft, circle his glans. A strand of saliva glimmers between the tip of his cock and her tongue. It’s gone when she can’t contain herself anymore, and sucks his cock hungrily again. He quickly feels her throat constricting around him as she swallows down the pre-cum he’s trailed on her tongue. She gags, forces her throat to accept him anyway. Gasps through her nose as she chokes on him, pushes herself to take him balls deep.

Her aching throat bulges with cock, in the best way possible. Drool escapes from her lips, dripping over his balls as she bobs her head slowly.

He lays a hand on the back of her head, pushes her gently but insistently deeper on him, forcing her to take him fully and without relief. He’s using her, ruining her throat, relentlessly. It makes her pussy throb.

He lets her up only she’s desperate for oxygen. Her chest heaves as she desperately pulls it into her starved lungs. They look at each other, perfectly matched in their lust.

She doesn’t wait for him to push her back down, but devours him. His hand is soon back on her head. Her moaning, whimpering, begging is muffled by his cock. She can hear him gasping softly at how her warm, close hole wraps around him. He thrusts into her, slow and then faster, making her helpless to his mercies. Just the way she likes it.

Finally he pulls back, starts to thrust shallowly into her mouth.

“I’m going to cum. Do you want it in your mouth or-“

He’s cut off by her squeezing his hand tightly, looking up at him with big, begging eyes. Stop talking and just give it to me they say.

He continues that eye contact as he cums into her mouth, in spurts that she swallows down quickly and hungrily. Even as her eyes half-close in pleasure and she’s only dimly taking him in through her eyelashes. As she stares up at him, gaze dreamy with a hunger quenched.

She takes herself from him, quickly licking up anything she’s missed.
She delicately pulls herself to standing, as though that fucking might have destroyed her motor function. Dresses as though she is finely spun glass, that might break on a single touch. He dresses quickly himself, watching her, fascinated.
Then she comes back to herself.

“Well, it was definitely fun getting to know you better!” She grins at him. “I’m free after work on Friday… If you still want that date.”

She swaggers out of the office without waiting for an answer.