Seema Patel was a lovely young woman. She was twenty-one-years-old and had recently graduated from college. She had gotten the highest marks in her classes and graduated with honors. Her mother, Asha Patel, and her younger brother, Manish, were both very proud of her.

It had not been easy for Seema. She had grown up as part of a traditional family in a small village in central India. Her father was a good man who had worked hard at low paying jobs just to keep his family fed and a roof over their heads. In spite of their financial difficulties, he had refused to allow his wife to work outside their home. He had always held that a wife’s job was to see to the household and tend to the children. Given the long held beliefs of his family and culture, he had made a major concession to the modern world by allowing his daughter to attend school beyond a basic level.

Unfortunately, Mr. Patel had died several years earlier in an accident at work. He had no personal insurance and there was very little compensation from his employer. Thus, Asha Patel was forced to take work using the only skills she possessed. She cleaned the homes and did the laundry for some of the wealthier families in their village. She not only allowed Seema to continue attending school, she encouraged her daughter to go on to college and excel in her chosen field.

Neither of Seema’s parents were educated people. Seema was the first of her family to attend school beyond the first few levels. In the face of her many challenges, Seema graduated with honors in mathematics and bookkeeping.

Even her own body had been a challenge for Seema. As she matured, she became a beautiful young lady. At graduation, she was five feet four inches tall, weighed about 115 pounds, had a well pronounce chest line, and a small round butt that wiggled as she walked. Long curly hair framed her beautifully rounded face in a shiny black halo. Her eyes were dark pools that had a hypnotic effect on many of the boys in her classes.

“Mama, how can I concentrate on my studies when the boys want to be around me and talk to me all the time? And Mama, some of them make me feel strange inside when the hang around.” She often asked for her mother’s advise.

The young woman always got the same answer from her mother. “Seema, you’re a pretty girl. The boys are just being normal. You must ignore them and study even harder.”

Seema listened to her mother and studied even harder. None of the boys in her classes ever had an opportunity to get close to Seema. She was friendly enough, but she just didn’t have time for boys. As a result of all her hard work, Seema had won many awards for her academic abilities and finished with her school’s top honors.

One evening, several weeks after her graduation, a lady came to the Patel home looking for Seema. She was a recruiter representing an employment agency. She had a job offer for the young woman.

Seema’s high marks in mathematics and bookkeeping had gotten the attention of a large accounting firm. They wanted her to come to their main office for an interview. If she passed the interview, Seema would be offered an entry-level job. “This accounting firm is a reputable company. They pay well and have never treated their employees badly.” The recruiter told Seema and her family about the accounting company that had made the offer of employment.

Seema was excited about her prospects with the accounting firm. The offer of a good job was a good turn of events for the poor Patel family. The problem was that the accounting firm was located in Mumbai. If Seema accepted the job, she would be a long hard bus ride away from her home village and her family. After several tearful hours of discussing the offer with her family, it was decided that Seema would go to Mumbai seeking the offered job.

It was a happy but tearful group of family and friends that accompanied Seema to the village bus stop. The recruiter was there as well. She was going to accompany Seema on the journey. The recruiter had told the family that if Seema for some reason did not get the job, the recruiter would bring her home.

Seema past her pre-employment interview and other tests with ease. She was offered a job as an entry-level combination bookkeeper-secretary. Her starting salary was more than adequate. It was actually large by her village’s standards. Seema would be able to send some money home to her family every week. Along with the job came a small apartment that was close enough for her to walk to her new job. She was also given a small advance against her pay to help her get settled in. After she signed a multi-year contract, She was shown to her new apartment for the night.

The next day Seema arrived at work a little early. Her early arrival made a good impression on her new employer. She was assigned to work with one of their top accountants on the accounts he was responsible for. She was also to be his receptionist. As is normal in many fields, the accountant met with the clients while Seema did most of the actual accounting work.

Seema didn’t mind the heavy work load. It helped keep her mind off her loneliness. She missed her family and friends at home. However, she was determined to make it on her own. She refused to waste her family’s faith in her and her hard work in school.

Seema wrote to her mother once or twice a week. In those letters she describe her job, how much she liked it, and how well she was doing. When her pay began coming in, she happily sent some of it home to her mother.

Seema had been on the job for about three weeks. She had made a very favorable impression on her supervising accountant and some of the company executives. Her accounting skills were all they had expected and more. Her interaction with the clients that came to the office was beyond reproach. She had already been given a small raise in salary. With the raise salary, she had begun sending a little more of it home to her mother.

Then one day a client came into the office that made Seema fell very uncomfortable. Though she couldn’t pinpoint what it was about this particular client that bothered her, she knew he was not a man to be trusted.

Perhaps it was his physical appearance. He stood well over six feet tall and weighed about three hundred pounds. He towered over the much smaller Seema. His inexpensive suit was too small for him, and his belly was poking out between his shirt buttons. He didn’t seem to fit in with the other clients Seema had met. She could not believe this man was her employer’s best client.

Or, maybe it was his overly familiar greeting that bothered her. Even with her desk between them, the man intimidated Seema. With a toothy grin, he bent over close to Seema’s face. She could smell alcohol on his breath.

“Well, hello young lady. You look like a delicious little morsel. Care for a bite to eat, my dear?” He said to her while stroking her upper arm.

Seema had no experience in handling such an aggressive and rude man. So, all she could do was reject his offer. “No thank you, Sir.”

This man didn’t give up. “Are you sure? We can have a good time over lunch. I can make it all right with your supervisor. How about it, sweetie?”

“No thank you, Sir. I have a great deal of work to do.”

“We’ll soon see about that.” With a smirk, the man turned and left Seema. She thought his last comment sounded almost like a threat. Mr. Tamraj took Seema’s rejection as a challenge. He stared back at her as he walked away. For some reason, the stare was frightening to Seema. A chill ran up the girl’s spine.

Mr. Tamraj was one of the accounting firm’s best clients. He owned several businesses, and Seema’s employer did the accounting work for all of them. He paid them a great deal of money in accounting fees each month.

Seema was expected to be nice to all the clients she met, especially Mr. Tamraj. She didn’t know how she could be nice to this man without seeming to accept his rude advances.

A week later, Seema was called into the office manager’s office. She was directed to sit in the chair opposite the manager’s desk. With his eyes downcast, he quietly spoke to her. “I am sorry, Seema. We have to let you go.”

Seema was in shock. “Why? What mistake did I make? If you tell me what I did wrong, I will make amends. I really want to keep my job. Please Sir.”

“There is nothing I can do. I am so very sorry, Seema. You have done nothing wrong. As a matter of fact, you have worked out much better than any of our other recruits. Unfortunately, it seems Mr. Tamraj has bought your contract from us. So, for the next three years, you belong to him. We are so sorry, Seema.” The manager seemed to be truly sorry for her. The weeping girl slowly rose from her seat and returned to her desk.

Mr. Tamraj was waiting for her when she returned to her desk to retrieve her personal belongings. “You’re mine now, sweetheart. Do a good job and do what you are told and you will make a good living. Disobey and you will be punished severely. Do you understand?” He snarled.

“Yes, Sir. I understand.” The frightened young woman answered through her sobs. Tears freely flowed down her cheeks.

“Good. Follow me.” Mr. Tamraj led Seema out of the office building and into a large black car.

Oddly enough, her new boss didn’t try to make advances on her once in his car. He simply said. “Seema, can you dance?”

N-n-no, Sir. I never learned to dance.” She answered.

“That’s too bad. No matter! Never mind for now. As pretty as you are, you can still make me a fortune. We will have one of the other girls teach you to dance.”

“Sir, why do I need to learn to dance?” Seema didn’t understand what kind of job required her to have the ability to dance.

“Don’t worry about it for now. We are going to the other side of Mumbai and it will take a while. Just relax and enjoy the ride.”

“Yes, Sir.” Seema had never been to a city as large as Mumbai. So, she did enjoy the ride. There was so much to see along the way.

She couldn’t help it. The question kept going through her mind as they rode across Mumbai. ‘Why do I need to learn to dance?’ The girl just could not forget about it. Again she ask Mr. Tamraj. “Sir, I really want to know. Why do I need to learn to dance?”

WHACK! Tamraj slapped Seema’s face with

the back of his hand. She reeled back from the blow.

“I told you not to worry about that for now. So, shut up about the dancing. You will be taught to dance. Now, not another word about it!”

Rubbing her cheek, Seema reluctantly agreed to her new boss’ demand. “Yes, Sir.”

After about an hour’s ride, Mr. Tamraj’s car pulled behind a large nightclub. It was called The Wild West. It was located in an area of Mumbai where the upscale western hotels were nearby. The Wild West was frequented by many of the tourists and businessmen that stayed in those hotels while in Mumbai.

Tamraj’s car came to a stop in a place reserved just for him. The gaudy neon signs all around the outside of the club were glowing brightly even in the late afternoon daylight. They were advertising the alcohol available inside. More importantly to Seema’s immediate future, the signs advertised the dancing girls that worked there.

“Is this where I will be doing your books, Sir?” Seema naively asked.

“No! You will not be doing my books. Now, follow me.” Mr. Tamraj used his key to unlock the steel door and led Seema through it. The door led into the rear of the club. They went down a dark hallway and entered a large comfortable looking office. “Sit there.” Mr. Tamraj pointed to a chair in a corner of the office while he pushed a button on his intercom.

When his secretary answered the intercom, he told her. “Have one of the older girls come in here please. I think Jenny will do.”

“Yes, Sir.” The voice on the intercom replied.

In just a few minutes, a girl entered the office. She was a pretty girl that seemed to be in her late twenties. She was about 5 feet 8 inches tall, had light skin, blue eyes, and long straight blond hair. Most shocking to Seema was that she was wearing nothing but a light blue bra and panty set that was so thin it hid nothing from the view of anyone who cared to look. She could easily see the girl was slender with large breasts. Seema was embarrassed for herself as well as this girl, Jenny. She could even see her hard nipples. What was most shocking to the naïve young women was this girl had shaven her private parts.

The girl smiled at Mr. Tamraj and said. “Yes, Sir. What can I do for you, Sir.”

Nodding toward Seema, Mr. Tamraj told the girl what he wanted her to do. “Jenny, this is Seema. She’s new and will be working here. She doesn’t know how to dance. I want you to teach her everything you know about dancing, how our business here works, and how to please our customers. Be sure to get her a costume that will show off her best features, especially those tits. Help her with a little make-up as well. That will be all for now.”

He continued and directed his instructions to Seema. “Seema, go with….”

Seema sat unmoving. She was in shock at what she had just heard and seen.

“SEEMA!” He shouted.

“Y-y-yes, Sir.” She stuttered.

“Seema, you go with Jenny. Pay attention to everything she tells. Do as you are told. Jenny will be your trainer for the next several days. Remember what I told you in the car about the punishment. Jenny can tell you what that can mean. Now get out of my office.”

Shaking from fear and confusion, Seema followed Jenny out of Tamraj’s office door and farther down the dark hallway. Jenny led the frightened girl to a well lit room. One wall of the room was lined with several sinks and mirrors. Another wall was lined with comfortable looking sofas. The remaining two walls were covered with racks of colorful clothing. The racks were filled with lingerie for them to use while working. “This room is the dressing room for the dancers. They also come here to relax and freshen up between dances.” Jenny told Seema.

Seema’s escort looked carefully at the small girl then rustled through the racks of flimsy nightwear. “Let’s see. You’re about 5’3″. Right? You weight what, about 110 pounds? Right?”

“I’m 5’4″ and 115 pounds. Why?”

“Don’t be stupid, Seema. I need your sizes to dress you for work tonight. Your tits?” Jenny demanded.

Self consciously, Seema looked down at her breasts and asked. “What about them?”

“What the hell size are your tits. Come on Seema. Get with it! I don’t have time to piss around with you. I’m losing money standing her with you. Now, what size cup do you wear?” Jenny was getting irritable.

“Uh, there Cs. I wear a C cup bra.”

“Fine, this ought to do for tonight.” Jenny tossed a thin black floor length negligee with matching panties and bra to Seema. “Put this on. Hurry up. We need to get out on the floor.”

“Jenny, I can’t wear this in public. People can see right through it. I can’t let people see me like this. Please, can’t you find something else.” Seema begged her escort.

“No! Put that shit on. Hurry up, damn it! Don’t be so damn stupid. You’re here so people can look at you.” Jenny ordered. “If you don’t put that shit on right now, I’ll simply tell Mr. Tamraj and let him handle you. Believe me, you don’t want him training you. He starts by beating you until you can barely walk. He has a way of beating a girl so no marks are left, but you won’t be able to sit or even bend over without pain for two or three nights. A couple of the girls told me he even roughly fucked them in the ass when the beatings didn’t get the results he wanted. So, I suggest you do as I tell you.”

Seema resigned herself to follow Jenny’s instruction. Shaking like a leaf in a storm, the girl removed her own clothes and put the flimsy outfit on. As she dressed, she agreed to do whatever Jenny told her to do. “OK Jenny. But, what am I supposed to do?”

Jenny gave Seema her instructions on how to conduct herself on the strip club’s main floor. “Tonight nothing. You just follow me and smile a lot. If a customer brushes your arm, smile at him and keep following me. If one of them pats your ass giggle, but keep walking. Some customers get down right bold and will reach out and squeeze a tit or your ass. If one does that smile and say to him, ‘Maybe later,’ and keep following me. Ask me anything you like whenever you can. Oh, and one more thing. Speak English unless you are certain your customer is Indian and speaks a language you understand.”

Seema stared at Jenny with her mouth gaping open. The poor girl was in shock again. “Do you mean I am supposed to let strange men touch me?”

Laughing, Jenny replied. “That’s the idea, sweetie. While they’re feeling you up, they’re drinking the booze Tamraj sells.”

While she was dressing she asked her trainer a question. “Jenny, you said you were loosing money. Do you make much money working here?”

“Yes! A hard working girl can make a good deal of money in a place like this. This is one of Mr. Tamraj’s best clubs. The other clubs he owns are dumps with cheap customers. If you don’t do well here, he will send you to one of them. The customers here pay and tip nicely for the opportunity to spend some time with the girls here. Letting them fondle us is just part of the job. They’re usually gentlemen about it too. If they like us, they’ll pay extra to have us rub our bodies all over them. You watch me tonight. Tomorrow it will be your turn to do a little work and maybe make a little money. You will be expected to give Tamraj a cut of your money, but not all that much. He takes ten percent of what you make. As young and pretty as you are, you can make a lot of money. Just learn to relax and enjoy the attentions of strangers. Now, hurry up. We need to do your make-up before we head out on the floor.” Jenny was still impatient with her trainee.

Once she was finished with Seema’s make-up, Jenny led her trainee out to the strip club’s main floor. The first thing Seema noticed was how loud the music was. She also noticed how dim the lights were. Some of the lights were a dim purple in color. They made some of the girls’ costumes seem to glow. The brightest area in the club was a stage located at the back of the main floor.

As the two girls walked across the large room, several men reached out and stroked Jenny’s arm. A few of them did the same to Seema. One man patted her wiggling ass as she passed. He looked western.

Jenny looked back, smiled, and said to him. “Hi Robert. I’ll be back, baby. I need to go dance right now. Don’t worry. Don’t I always take care of you?”

Robert nodded and smiled at Jenny as the two girls walked away.

Jenny escorted Seema to a table next to the stage where two other girls were seated. Jenny introduced Seema to the girls before climbing the steps to the stage. The loud music started and Jenny gyrated to the beat. She cupped her tits and thrust them out as if offering them to the crowd of cheering men. She rhythmically wiggled her ass and vulgarly spread her legs showing the crowd her shaved pussy through her thin panties. Jenny was a very popular dancer. As the second song of a two-song set began, the blond dancer seductively removed her bra and tossed it to the girls seated nearby. She fondled and squeezed her own tits and continued to offer them to the men closest to her.

Seema was working hard to suppress the shock she was feeling. She could not understand how anyone could behave like that in a public place and in front of all those strange men?

As her second song came to an end, Jenny turned her back to the men, bent over, and wiggled her ass and shaved pussy at them. Her audience cheered wildly and began throwing money onto the stage at Jenny’s feet. She gathered the money and rejoined Seema and the other girls.

One of the other girls at the table took the stage and started her set by removing her bra. She was not as well endowed as Jenny, but the men seemed to appreciate her just the same.

“Wow Jenny! Did you make a lot of money with your dance?” Seema asked. The dancer had picked up more money from the stage floor than Asha Patel made in a week of doing laundry and cleaning houses.

Jenny bent over and spoke with Seema. “No. That was only about twenty dollars or so. It was just a few tips. Come on. I’ll show you how and where the real money is made.” Jenny then led Seema over to the man who had hugged the older girl as they had walked across the floor a short while ago.

Jenny sat on his lap and indicated Seema should sit in a chair next to him. “Hi baby. I told you I’d be back. Did you like my dance?”

“You know I did, but I’d love to get a bit more of a private dance if it’s alright.” As the man spoke to Jenny, he softly rubbed and patted her ass.

Jenny cooed and laid her head on the man’s shoulder. “Sounds like fun to me too, Robert. Same money?”

“Yes, same money.” He replied.

Jenny introduced Seema to her customer and explained to her that remembering his name made him feel closer to her. “This is Seema. She is my trainee. Would you mind if she followed us to the other room and watched how I take care of my favorite customer? It won’t cost any more.”

“Sure Jenny. She can watch if she wants to.” He answered. He patted Seema’s knee and said. “Shall we go?”

The cuddled up couple stood and headed toward a doorway at the far end of the floor. Seema followed quietly.

When they entered the private couch-dance room, Seema noted it was filled with many short sofas. The sofas all had seatbacks that were leaned back far more than normal. Sitting on one of the couches put a person in position that was close to laying down.

A few couples were already in the couch room. They seemed to be in various stages of amorous cuddling. Most of the girls were nude, or nearly so.

Jenny picked a sofa in a darkened corner of the room and had Robert sit on one end. She had Seema sit on the other end of the sofa and to the left of Robert. The sofas were built such that it was natural to lay back in a semi-reclined position.

Then, as the music started, Jenny dropped her top to the floor and began writhing on the partially reclined man. In a short time, Jenny was rubbing her tits and hardened nipples over Robert’s face. He sucked her nipples every chance he got.

Seema saw Robert’s right hand slide up the inside of Jenny’s left leg and stroke her thinly covered pussy. He quickly slipped his fingers under Jenny’s panties and petted her wet slit.

Seema was carefully watching what Jenny and Robert were doing. She was so intent on what she was seeing that her own breasts tingled and her nipples hardened. She could even feel her pussy getting damp. She was caught up in what Jenny and Robert were doing. She did not see his left hand reach out to her. She gasped sharply and jumped when he gently squeezed her right tit. He was the first man to touch her that way. She was frightened but did not resist Robert’s attention to her tit. She gasped again when he gently pinched her nipple.

After fondling Seema’s right tit for a little while, Robert slid his arm around her waist. He slowly pulled Seema to his side and kissed her cheek. “It’s OK sweetheart. I won’t hurt you.”

When Jenny smiled and nodded at her, Seema relaxed a little and laid her head on Robert’s left shoulder. He raised his left hand from her waist, cupped Seema’s left tit, and slowly massaged it.

In the mean time, Jenny had slid down Robert’s body and was rubbing his hard cock through his pants with her hands. She then bent over and kissed and nibbled the tent his cock had formed in Robert’s pants.

Eventually, the second of two songs, and Robert’s time with Jenny, was at an end. Seema watched him count out fifty dollars and hand it to Jenny. The stripper smiled and gave him a passionate kiss. He then rearranged his clothes and got up to leave.

He smiled at Seema and handed her five dollars. “You have a real nice set of tits, Seema. I hope to see you again real soon.

Seema could only stare at the money in her hand. Jenny smiled at her trainee. “Was that so hard to take, Seema?”

“No it wasn’t. He gave me five dollars to feel my tits. Do you make that much money all the time?” The girl answered.

“No, not all the time. Some times I make a lot more, sometimes a little less. But now you know how I make money here. Sure it’s sometimes uncomfortable, but I’ve never been hurt. If you do a good job of making these men think you really like them, you can make a lot of money too. You will need to give Tamraj 10% of whatever you make. The rest is yours. Now come on. I need to freshen up before I dance on stage again. I dance on stage about four or five times a night. Then follow that with a private dance if I can sell myself to one of the men here.”

Jenny then led Seema back to the dressing room where the popular dancer could freshened up and relaxed until it was her time to dance again.

Seema had a million questions running through her head, but only a few seemed to come to the surface. “Jenny, do you do what you do because you really like your customers? Or, is it just for the money? How can you so easily show all of your private parts and let them feel all over your body?”

“Like them?” Jenny reached into her little clutch purse and pulled out a large wad of money. More money than Seema had ever seen at one time. “This is what I like. These men are merely the way to get it. I saw you took the five dollars that Robert gave you. Do you think he gave that to you because he likes you? Hell no! He gave it to you because you have a nice set of tits and you let him fondle them.”

About the time Jenny started redoing her make-up an older woman walked into the dressing room. With a firm voice, she spoke to the girls. “Mr. Tamraj wants you two in his office, now.”

Before Jenny or Seema could reply, the woman turned on her heels and left.

“Who was that?” Seema asked.

“That was the club manager. She’s in charge whenever Mr. Tamraj is not here. She expects the girls to work just as hard as Mr. Tamraj does. We better get going. Mr. Tamraj does not like to be kept waiting.”

Jenny and Seema hustled down the hallway and entered Mr. Tamraj’s office. He rose to meet them as they entered.

Thanks for coming in so promptly ladies. Jenny, have a seat.”

Tamraj put his arm over Seema’s shoulder. “Seema, you look as beautiful in that nightgown as I thought you would. I need to take some pictures of you for your file. Please stand by that poster.” He indicated where he wanted Seema to stand. The brightly colored poster boldly advertised the dancing girls available at The Wild West.

“Mr. Tamraj, I can not have my picture taken dressed like this. I would shame my whole family if I….”


“Umph!” Seema suddenly doubled over in pain and was gasping for breath.

Tamraj had slammed his fist into Seema’s belly. “Bitch, I told you to get over next to that fucking poster so I can take some pictures of your ass. I own you for the next three years. I don’t give a fuck what your family thinks. Now get your ass over there. You better smile too, if you know what’s good for you.”

With a gasping voice, the shocked Seema acknowledged her instructions. “Yes, Sir.” She croaked.

As she started walking toward the poster Tamraj firmly kicked Seema in her ass. “Move it, bitch! I haven’t got all day.”

Seema yelped but kept walking to the poster. She did her best to put on a pleasant expression as she could.

Tamraj had picked up the digital camera from his desk as Seema moved into place next to the poster. He immediately began taking pictures. She followed his instructions and posed as provocatively as she could.

“OK. Now drop the robe! I want to get a better view of those tits.”

Slowly, Seema let the thin robe slide off her shoulders. She caught it with her bent elbows as it slid down her back. She let it wrap around her waist. Her nipples were easily seen through her bra’s thin material. When Tamraj gestured, she let the robe fall to the floor. Her black pubic bush was clearly visible through her panties.

Tamraj stepped forward and cupped his hand over her pubic mound.

Seema was frozen with fear. She gasped and tears flowed down her cheeks, but she did not move.

“This will have to go. Shave that pussy before you start tomorrow.” Tamraj ordered. “Now drop the robe and lose the bra.”

With trembling hands, Seema removed her bra. Her firm young tits stood proudly on her chest. They had no sag at all.

Tamraj smiled and took a few more pictures before walking up to his newest dancer. Almost gently, he fondled her tits and nipples. Under his practiced hand, Seema’s nipples grew hard and protruded from the tender flesh below them.

Tamraj stepped back and again took a few pictures. “Get dressed and go sit next to Jenny. I want to check the pictures before you go back to work.”

“Yes, Sir.” Seema quietly did as she had been told. She picked up her bra and robe and moved toward Jenny.

Mr. Tamraj put the camera’s memory card in the slot of his photo processor. As the machine printed out hard copies of the pictures, he expressed his approval. “Yes! These will do nicely. Come here Seema.”

Seema instantly stood and went to Tamraj. It was a shock to see the pictures of her self so crudely displayed.

“I’ll keep these in your file. We’ll take some more tomorrow after you shave that pussy. If you work hard for me, they will stay there. Don’t work hard, get disrespectful with me, my managers, or the customers, or try to leave without my permission and I will make certain your family and friends all see these pictures. I may even to do a little advertising in your little village using some of these shots. Do you understand?

“Yes, Sir. I understand.” She replied.

“Good! Now get back to work.” Jenny and Seema quickly walked toward Mr. Tamraj’s door. “Don’t forget to shave that pussy!” He called after them.

Jenny and Seema returned to the dancer’s dressing room where Jenny helped her trainee freshen up. They reapplied her make-up and brushed her shiny black hair. The girls were soon ready to go out on the main floor again.

Jenny headed for the stage and Seema sat with a different pair of dancers at a nearby table. These new girls said they envied Jenny. Though they were very lovely themselves, they reluctantly admitted Jenny was the best looking and most talented dancer there.

One of them encouraged their new friend. “Seema, if you learn to dance well, you can make as much money as Jenny does. Dancing and good looks equal money in this joint. You are as pretty as any of us. All you have to do is dance well, and the men will be lining up to give you money for a little of your time.”

Seema smiled. She had already decided to make the best of her situation, even if it was working as an exotic dancer at The Wild West. She could still send her family money. They didn’t have to ever find out how she was earning it.

Over the rest of the evening, Jenny entertained several more men in the couch room. They all paid her well. In addition, she made a tidy sum from the men who surrounded the stage while she danced.

Seema even made a good deal more than a day’s pay at the accounting firm while she accompanied Jenny into the couch room. The men had always agreed to have her come along as an observer.

One of Jenny’s regular customers, an older American businessman, patted Seema on her thigh and asked her. “How do you like your new line of work, honey?”

“I don’t know, Sir. I haven’t really done anything yet. I am so nervous. I’ve never done anything like this before.” Seema replied.

“Well then Seema, I think it’s about time you made a little money. My name is Jim. Jenny will tell you I can be very generous. Jenny, I’ll pay you the same as always. Why don’t you help this pretty little thing learn to give a good lap dance? I like rookies, and she needs to learn sometime.” The customer said.

Jenny agreed to his request. “If you’re sure, I’ll be happy to help her do a good job for you. It’s my job to train her any way.”

Jenny then pulled Seema to her feet. “Take your robe off, Seema.”

Slowly, with shaking hands, the nervous girl removed her robe and tossed it to the arm of the sofa.

“Very nice.” Jim commented as he looked up and down Seema’s young body.

Seema was shaking like a leaf but smiled at Jim’s compliment. “Thank you, Sir.”

Jenny had Seema kneel between Jim’s legs and reach up with both arms. She showed Seema how to rub his chest and stomach with her arms. He responded by caressing Seema’s upper arms and bare shoulders. She became even more frightened when she felt a lump in his pants pushing against her tits.

Jenny whispered in her ear. “Lose the bra.”

Forcing a smile, Seema sat back on her knees and ankles. She removed her bra and tossed it to the end of the sofa with her robe. She cupped her hands under her own tits as if offering them to Jim. She had seen Jenny and the other girls do that on stage.

Jim smiled back at her. Slowly he reached out and took a tit in each of his hands. He gently massaged them while using the soft flesh as tender handles to pull Seema up his body. He brought her up until she was on her feet and bent over his torso. He pulled her tits to his mouth and briefly sucked each nipple. Seema gasped as her nipples quickly hardened.

Just as when Robert had caressed her tits earlier that evening, Seema could feel herself getting wet between her legs. She was quickly learning that she was a very sensual woman who enjoyed the touch of a man.

Jim pulled her bare chest tightly to his and slid his hands down her back. Seema relaxed a little as Jim rubbed her back. She tensed and gasped again when he grabbed one of her small ass cheeks in each hand and squeezed. She laid her head on Jim’s chest and sighed.

“Jenny, I think our little rookie likes having her tits and ass massaged. Don’t you Seema?” Jim asked.

“Yeeesssss, Sirrr.” She nervously cooed.

After a few minutes of that, Jenny again whispered in her ear. “Slide down his body and kiss the lump in his pants and nibble it with your lips.”

“WHAT?” Seema was shocked. She had seen Jenny do that earlier. It hadn’t registered with the naïve girl exactly what Jenny had been doing at the time. Now she realized that Jenny had been kissing and nibbling on a hard cock in her customer’s pants. More importantly, she was now supposed to do it too.

“Do you want Tamraj to train you?” Jenny whispered.

Fearing Tamraj’s training methods, Seema immediately scooted down Jim’s body and put her lips on the sizable lump growing in his pants. As she pressed her lips down on the hard cock in Jim’s pants, it twitched.

A startled Seema gasped and sat back on her heels. Jim and Jenny both laughed. Choking back his laugh, Jim reassured Seema. “It’s alright. It won’t bite.”

As Jenny and Jim laughed, Seema’s determination to do a good job pushed her on. She returned to working her lips up and down Jim’s hard-on.

“Now, open his shirt and kiss you way back up his body. Let his body feel your body.” Jenny instructed.

Seema was beginning to feel more relaxed and easily did as she had been told. She crawled up Jim’s body until she had her tits over his face. She pressed her supple tits together and rubbed them all over Jim’s face.

He moaned his appreciation while massaging her ass. He helped Seema spread her legs and straddle his hips.

For the first time in her young life, Seema felt a cock between her legs. A hard cock pressing against her virgin pussy both excited and frightened her.

Jim raised his hips and pressed it against her pussy. Even though she still had her panties on and Jim’s pants were still on him, the pressure exerted on her pussy caused her to become even wetter. Jim then reached past her ass and stroked her panty covered pussy with his right hand. Her sexual lubricating juices had made her panties extremely wet.

It was Seema’s turn to moan. Then she realized what was happening. She was getting sexually excited. She had felt this before, but never to the extent she was felling it now. She really did not understand all that was happening to her body at that moment. She was both excited, frightened and embarrassed, all at the same time.

“I am sorry, Sir. I did not mean to get so wet. Please forgive me for making you pants wet.”

Jim laughed and hugged Seema tightly to his chest. “It’s alright, honey. It seems our bodies like each other. I guess we’ll have to get better acquainted in the near future. I come in here a couple times a month when I’m in Mumbai on business. I’d like to see you again, if that’s alright with you.”

“Oh yes, Sir. I think I’d like that too.” Seema smiled broadly at her first regular customer and began wiggling her body on his.

“That’s OK honey. If you don’t mind, how about just laying on me as you are until our time is over. May I pet you again?” Jim politely asked.

“Oooh yes. That felt nice.” Seema relaxed and laid her head on Jim’s shoulder and spread her legs over his hips. She let him gently pet her virgin pussy. He stroked it like it was a favorite pet. Before the next song ended, he had her so wet she thought she had lost control of her bladder. Something had been awakened deep within Seema.

Jenny whispered to Seema. “I’ll be in the dressing room when you’re finished here.” She then quietly slipped out.

When the next song ended, Seema slowly climbed off Jim and put her bra and thin robe back on. She sweetly kissed him and he handed her two fifty-dollar bills.

“Oh Sir. I think you have paid too much.”

Jim roared with laughter. “I have never had a stripper tell me I had paid too much.”

Seema wasn’t sure how to take being referred to as a stripper. Then the logical part of her mind reminded her. That’s exactly what she is. She is a stripper.

As he finished buttoning his shirt, Jim told her. “No honey. One fifty is for Jenny. The other is yours. You earned it. You are my newest favorite dancer at this club.” He then stood, patted her ass, and walked with her out of the couch room.

After leaving Jim at his table, Seema practically ran down the hallway to the dressing room. Excitedly, Seema practically yelled at Jenny. “Jenny, here’s your fifty dollars. He gave me fifty dollars too. I can’t believe it.”

Jenny smiled broadly as she remembered the first time she had worked a couch room in a strip joint and started making a lot of money. “Didn’t I tell you that you could do well here. It looks like you have your first regular customer. Do not become overly attached to any of these men though. Remember Seema, they’re customers, not boyfriends. Try to avoid getting so excited while you entertain your customers.”

“Now, let’s practice your dancing. Do what I do.” Over the next twenty minutes or so, Jenny demonstrated her dance moves for her trainee. Though there was a practice pole in the dressing room similar the one on the stage, Jenny used it very little. “Only girls who can’t dance very well depend on that pole.” Jenny advised. She had Seema repeat each move before moving on to the next.

Even though it embarrassed her deeply to shake her tight little ass and thrust her ample tits out toward an imaginary customer, Seema knew she had to become a good exotic dancer. She could not allow Tamraj to have a reason to let her family and friends see the pictures he had just taken.

Seema was a naturally talented dancer. Her body movements were smooth and rhythmic. She only needed to work on putting her moves together into an entertaining dance and making that dance as sexually provocative as she could. Jenny advised her trainee she had to convince the customers near the stage that she was dancing just for them. She had to make them want to give her money just for her dancing. Her stage dancing was also how she was to entice the men near the stage and those sitting at the tables to buy couch dances from her.

After about an hour of practice, Jenny needed to get back out on the floor. It was her turn to dance on stage again.

Seema was beginning to build a little self-confidence in her abilities to entertain the customers at The Wild West. This time, she didn’t stay at the table near the stage with the other dancers. She ordered a glass of wine and sipped it as she nervously strolled around the club’s main floor. She spoke with several men who patted her ass or stroked her bare arm. However, she could not bring herself to ask them to go to the couch room on her own. She needed Jenny nearby. She wasn’t ready to entertain a man on her own just yet.

When Jenny finished her stage dances, she joined Seema and led her to a table were two men were sitting. Jenny knew one of the men as one of her regular customers. When she approached them with her trainee, Jenny sat on his lap. Seema sat next to the other man.

The man next to Seema appeared to be middle aged. About forty she thought. Seema thought to her self. ‘He’s a little old, but he sure is a handsome man.’

Jenny cuddled for a while with the man on whose lap she was sitting. She then noticed that Seema’s glass was nearly empty and the young trainee had moved closer to the man she was sitting next to.

“Good job, Seema. I see you’ve found someone to entertain. Have you offered to go to the couch room with him yet?” Jenny asked in a whisper.

“No, not yet. I don’t know what to say or how much to charge.” Seema replied. She paused to empty her glass. “We’ve just been talking. I thought we would wait for you.” Seema replied with a giggle.

The young woman had just had her first taste of alcohol. The glass of wine was making her feel a little more relaxed about her new duties at The Wild West. Her confidence in her ability to entertain a customer at a strip-club was slowly improving.

Her new friend also seemed to be a generous man. He had already slipped several dollars into her flimsy bra. Of course he had felt and squeezed her breast each time he had done so.

Jenny leaned over and whispered into Seema’s ear. “Why don’t you ask for twenty-five dollars to start. He can negotiate from there if he isn’t happy with that price.”

Seema worked up her courage and asked. “Sir, my name is Seema. Will it be all right if I go to the couch room with you? Will you give me twenty-five dollars for two songs worth of couch dancing? I am really new at this, and I want to make you happy with me.”

“My name is Ron and twenty-five will be fine, Seema. I like rookies. They seem real compared to the more experienced girls. Shall we go, Seema?”

Seema giggled. The wine was quickly going to her head and having the desired affect. “Yes, Sir. I am ready.”

The man stood and offered his hand to Seema to help her up. “Please call me Ron.”

Seema quickly noticed Ron was tall and solidly built. At a little more than six feet tall, he stood well over a head taller that Seema.

“Yes sir, er, I mean Ron.” Seema nervously took Ron’s hand and stood next to the first customer she had gotten on her own. Her hand trembled as she waited for Jenny and her friend to stand as well.

Jenny leaned over and whispered into her friend’s ear. “No, Seema. I won’t be going back there with you this time. You need to do this on your own. You’ll be fine. We’ll talk later. Just have fun and be sexy.”

Seema seemed hesitant to go to the couch room without her trainer.

Ron put his strong arm around the nervous girl’s waist and gently pulled Seema close to his side. “It’ll be alright, sweetie.” He then whispered in her ear. “Would you believe this is the first time I’ve gotten a couch dance at a club like this? So, in a way, we’re both rookies. I’m not a bad guy. I won’t hurt you. Come on. This can be fun for both of us.”

Seema smiled up into Ron’s face. She slowly led him away from the table and toward the couch room.

Once in the couch room, Seema found a darkened corner and had Ron sit on the couch. She had him lean back and slide down until his hips were on the edge of the couch. Ron was practically lying on the couch. This was how she had seen Jenny position her earlier customers.

Seema then nervously slipped her thin robe off her shoulders. She draped it over the end of the small couch. She sat next to Ron who put his arm around her waist.

Seema was shaking in with nervousness and Ron could feel her shaking. She wanted to please her customer but didn’t know how to begin. “Can we please wait until the next song to start. I am so nervous. The extra time won’t cost you any more.”

“That’ll be fine. Why don’t you just relax a little? I’m in no hurry. Sitting here with such a beautiful young girl is a pleasure in it self.” Ron then pulled a blushing Seema close and began gently stroking her back. Occasionally, he would let his hand drift down to Seema’s little butt and give it a squeeze.

Seema rolled onto her side and laid her head on Ron’s shoulder. The next time he squeezed her butt, she moaned softly and pushed her hip out to meet his hand. She gasped when he slid his hand under her shear black panties and held her bare cheek.

“That’s a real nice ass, Seema.”

“Oh thank you, Sir, er, I mean, Ron.”

Slowly, Seema began rubbing her body against Ron’s. When the next song began, she removed her top and opened Ron’s shirt. She rolled on top of him, straddled his hips, and rubbed her bare tits over his chest. Her nipples stood erect and pressed into his chest.

Ron cupped her tits in his hands and gently massaged them. Seema groaned when he tweaked her hard nipples. Again her pussy became wet. Almost involuntarily, Seema pressed her crotch onto the lump in Ron’s pants.

Ron reached down and took a butt cheek in each hand. He squeezed her ass and pulled Seema up until they were eye to eye.

They softly kissed as Ron slipped a hand around her hip and petted her drenched pussy. Seema gasped loudly and tensed. She suddenly regained her senses and remembered Jenny’s warning about not becoming attached to her customers. She broke their kiss and kissed her way down Ron’s body. She nibbled and kissed his hard cock through his pants.

During the rest of the current song and through the next one, Seema stayed busy erotically rubbing her body all over Ron. She nearly had an orgasm while sliding her overheated pussy on the hard lump in Ron’s pants. Though she had gotten extremely aroused, Seema refused to allow her excited state effect the service she provided to her customer. As the second song ended, Seema practically collapsed on top of Ron.

Ron smiled at the petite girl as she lay on his chest catching her breath. She smiled back with a dreamy look in her eyes.

When Seema had recovered enough, she stood and rearranged her lingerie. She put the thin robe back on and looked at Ron. She stammered and didn’t seem to know what to say.

“Seema, that was fantastic, especially since it was your first time without your trainer.” Ron said as he reached into his pocket. “Let see, that was twenty-five dollars, right?” He asked.

Shyly, Seema stammered in reply. “Y Y Yes Sir, er Ron.”

“Well, I’m afraid I don’t have that exact amount. I only have twenties. Will you settle for forty dollars?” Ron asked with a grin.

Seema’s mouth fell open in disbelief. “Oh yes, Ron. That will be wonderful. I can get some change from the bar if you’ll wait just a few minutes.”

“That won’t be necessary, honey. Keep the extra as a tip for doing such an excellent job. If it is possible, I’d sure like to see you the next time I come in here. I have a business that brings me to Mumbai about once every two weeks or so.” Ron smiled broadly at Seema as he handed her two twenty-dollar bills.

Oh Ron, that would be wonderful. I will look forward to seeing you again. If you would like, I can stay with you at your table for a while longer. Will that be alright?”

“Seema, that would be wonderful. How can I not enjoy the company of such a beautiful young lady.”

When Ron and Seema returned to their table, Jenny and her friend got up and headed toward the couch room. Seema cuddle close to her new friend and put her head on his shoulder. Ron put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer. They chatted until the waitress came around. With Seema’s permission, Ron ordered her another glass of wine along with his drink. She didn’t know if Ron was just being polite, but he seemed very interested in her. He asked about her education and brief work history at the accounting firm. He especially liked the fact that Seema had been sending her mother part of her pay since coming to Mumbai.

Jenny and her friend soon returned from the couch room. Jenny smiled at Seema and sat on her friend’s lap and cuddled. After a couple more drinks, the men said they needed to leave. They both kissed the girls sitting with them before leaving.

“Seema, let’s go get freshened up. I don’t know about you, but I need a shower. Besides, it’s getting late and I need to rest.”

Seema giggled. “A shower will be good. After that couch dance for Ron, I really need a shower.”

Jenny and Seema showered in the dancer’s dressing room. When they had finished their showers, Jenny suggested they quit for the night. Seema quickly agreed.

They then dressed in standard clothing. They went to the club’s office to settled up for the night. The club manager was surprised and pleased with Seema’s earnings for her first night. As Jenny had told her, the club manager kept ten percent of the money Seema had earned. “Where are you staying Seema?” The manager asked.

“She’ll be staying with me.” Jenny offered.

Seema silently nodded her agreement.

“Very well. We’ll see you both tomorrow night.” The manager then stared at Seema. “Don’t you even think of running off. We will find you, and I guarantee you will not like the treatment you get when you return. Understand?”

“Yes, ma’am. I understand.” Seema knew better than to question the manager.

As the girls left The Wild West, Seema asked Jenny. “Why did you so quickly tell the club manager I would be staying with you?”

“It’s simple.” Jenny replied. “I have an extra bed, and you would not like staying at the club. Any girl that stays at the club ends up being used as a prostitute whether she likes it or not. I felt you needed a place you could relax and feel safe. Now, come on. It’s only a few blocks to my apartment.” The girls continued chatting as they walked to Jenny’s apartment.

“Thank you, Jenny. I am happy you are my trainer at The Wild West. You have been nice to me. How much will you charge me to stay with you?” Seema asked.

“Oh I don’t know. We’ll come to an agreement once we see how you do at the club. All right?” Jenny replied.

Once they arrived at Jenny’s apartment, it was a tired Seema that showered and soon headed off to bed. She quickly fell asleep and slept soundly until the next morning.

The girls slept late the next day. After eating and before going to The Wild West, Seema practiced her dancing. Jenny had a pole in an area where she practiced in her apartment. Seema was soon dancing smoothly and provocatively. Jenny was impressed with the rapid progress her young trainee was making.

Seema then took a hot shower and used Jenny’s razor to shave her pubic bush and under her arms. As she dressed, she found her panties seemed to be rubbing her in a totally new way. She enjoyed the erotic sensations she was getting from her freshly shaved pussy.

“This evening you will get your chance to dance on stage. I hope you do well. Mr. Tamraj will probably be watching. I think he will be pleased. If he is, you will have a much easier time working at The Wild West, and you can make a lot of money.”

The girls relaxed until later that evening when it was time to go to The Wild West.

Seema picked out her own costume for the evening from the club’s dressing room. She selected a pale green lingerie set. The bikini type bra and panties left little to the imagination. The set came with a matching nearly floor length robe that was made of only slightly heavier material than the rest of the outfit.

When Seema followed Jenny out onto the club’s main floor she found the lighting made her gown glow like a pale green ghost. She seemed to have become a beautiful apparition floating across the floor. Almost every man in the place turned to look at her as she followed Jenny to the side of the stage.

Seema was getting nervous again. She knew her turn on the stage was coming soon. As she waited her turn, the nervous girl sipped a glass of wine. She had found that a little wine helped calm her nerves. Finally, Jenny leaned over and whispered in Seema’s ear. “It’s your turn on stage. Just do your best. You’re a lovely young girl and the men will love you.”

With her legs shaking, Seema climbed the steps to the stage. As the music began, she handed Jenny her robe and began her dance. She strutted and swayed around the elevated platform. Even though she was frightened and shaking like a leaf in a gale, She didn’t let anyone know. Seema appeared confident to the men around the stage. Those closest to the stage, could see her hands shaking as she removed her top and tossed it to Jenny between her two-song set.

Jenny had been right. The men around the stage seemed to love her. Seema’s young fresh good looks and her obvious nervousness had them hooting and hollering in appreciation of her efforts. Many of them threw money onto the stage floor. Several men approached the edge of the stage with money in their hands and beckoned Seema to come to them.

Swallowing her nerves, Seema approached the men one at a time and bent over. Thus, she allowed them to touch her. With broad smiles on their faces, the men stuffed money into her thin panties. As they did so, they were allowed to pat her ass or tits.

It was a grateful Seema that heard the end of her second dance song meaning her first time on stage was complete. She smiled at her appreciative audience as she gathered the money they had thrown onto the stage for her.

When she returned to the table next to the stage, she sat with the other girls waiting their turn to dance. Seema found she had made almost twenty dollars. That was just a little less than Jenny had made the previous evening.

Jenny smiled at her. “See baby, you can do very well dancing here. Just don’t piss off Tamraj.”

“Speaking of Mr. Tamraj, here he comes.” One of the other girls said to alert her tablemates.

Tamraj had been watching Seema’s first attempt at dancing on stage. With a broad smile for the benefit of his customers, he approached the girls.

“You did a good job, Seema. Keep it up and I won’t have to do any advertising in your home town.”

The other girls all lowered their eyes. They too had all been forced to pose for nude, or nearly nude, photographs when they had first started dancing at The Wild West. They too had been threatened as Seema had been by Mr. Tamraj. They understood the implied threat was not only meant for Seema but them as well.

“Yes, Sir.” Seema replied.

Mr. Tamraj then turned and left the main floor. As he disappeared into the back of the club, Seema’s smile returned. Even Mr. Tamraj couldn’t dampen her excitement at making so much money in such a short time. She realized she could not only continue to send money to her family but probably increase the amount she sent.

Over the course of the evening, Seema’s dancing became smoother and more exciting to the men surrounding the stage. Her self-confidence grew rapidly as well. In addition to her stage dancing, Seema convinced several men to allow her to entertain them in the couch room.

Seema was an exhausted but very pleased girl as she walked with Jenny to the older girl’s apartment late that night.

As they slowly walked, Jenny spoke to her trainee. “Seema, you’re a natural. Your dancing is excellent for your first night on stage, and you have a fresh and inviting way of getting men to take you to the couch room. You will do well at The Wild West. I don’t’ think there is much more I can teach you. From now on, I will be nearby, but you will be on your own.”

Over the next days and weeks, Seema grew more and more confident in her ability to entertain the men that came into The Wild West. As her skills as a dancer improved, she developed her own group of men that came into the club just to see her. Those men paid her well for her time and intimate couch room attentions.

Seema was soon rivaling Jenny in the number of followers she had and the income she made. She was able to not only continue to send money to her family, but she had increased the amount she sent. Even though she paid Jenny to stay with her and sent money to her mother, Seema quickly built up a good amount of savings.

In spite of a good-natured rivalry at The Wild West between Seema and Jenny, the two girls became close friends. Seema continued to share Jenny’s apartment, and Jenny became Seema’s trusted mentor.

One man in particular came to The Wild West just to see Seema. Over the next several months Ron tried to get to The Wild West to see her at least once every couple of weeks, if not more.

Ron was eventually able to convince Seema to go out to dinner with him a couple of times before she was scheduled to go into work at the club. Even though he treated her with respect, she noticed he seemed to asked a lot of personal questions about her. He wanted to know about her family, her education, and her past employment. Since she felt she had nothing to hide, she freely answered his questions.

Then one night, Seema walked out of the dressing room onto the main floor of The Wild West. She was wearing her favorite flowing lime green negligee. She had worn it before and knew it nicely accented her golden skin.

Ron met her just as she exited the dressing room and said. “You look absolutely delicious in that outfit. He gently pulled her off to the side. He was dressed in a business suit and tie and carried a briefcase. “Seema, is there somewhere we can speak quietly?” Ron asked.

The question surprised Seema. She usually sat with Ron at a table then went to couch room for a private dance or two. But if Ron wanted to talk with her privately, she would do so.

“Yes! There is usually an empty office or two this time of day. Is something wrong, Ron?” Seema was somewhat concerned. Ron had never worn a suit to the club and had never needed to have it quiet while they talked. She also wondered why he was carrying a briefcase.

“No! There’s nothing at all wrong. I would just like to asked you something, and I want you to hear what I have to say, and I want to clearly hear your response.”

Seema led Ron into an empty office. He closed the door behind them. With the door closed Seema threw her arms around Ron’s neck and pressed her sensuous body tightly to his. She was startled and disappointed when he pushed her away. He asked her to take a seat. She sat quietly as Ron placed his brief case on the desk and took a seat across from her.

He began to speak. “Seema, I have an offer for you. My full name is Ronald Stanton. I am the owner of a large company that sells security and defense software to my government and those governments friendly to the United States. I negotiate billion dollar deals with heads of state on an almost weekly basis. Now, I find myself very nervous dealing with you.”

“You know you don’t need to be nervous with me.” Seema interrupted.

“Please don’t say anything until I have finished. This is hard enough already.” Ron then continued. “I have checked your educational background and work history. Your supervisors at the accounting firm gave you a very good recommendation. You have the requirements to fill an open position I have. This is the hard part for me. More important than your background and history, I want you close to me. I am based in Chicago in the United States, but my company has me traveling all over the world. In all my travels, I have never met anyone quite like you. I know I am twice your age, but I find myself wanting to be with you more and more. You make me feel like a teenager again.”

Seema smiled broadly, but said nothing. Inside, her heart seemed to be beating so rapidly it felt like it was about to leap out of her chest. In spite of her rising excitement, Seema sat silently.

Ron continued. “Seema, I want you to be my Personal Assistant. I want you to travel with me, make the arrangements for all of my appointments, and manage my household and personal finances. You will be paid well and I will cover all of your expenses while you are with me. I can make no further promises beyond that at this time. I care for you, and if my heart and emotions are allowed to have their way….” He paused. “Well, I can’t say what may happen. Are you interested in becoming my Personal Assistant? The pay is good, and you’ll get to see a great deal of the world.”

Seema was in shock. She had a difficult time getting her words to come out properly. “I…I, uh I’d love to take your offer Ron, but I can’t.” A tear formed in the corner of her eyes. “I have a contract with Mr. Tamraj that has well over two years remaining. So I….”

Ron held up his hand to silence Seema, opened his brief case, and removed a multi-paged document. “Do you mean this contract?” Ron smiled as he slid the document across the desk to Seema. It was the contract between Seema Patel and Mr. Tamraj.

“Yes, Sir. That is the contract. There are also some photographs he took of me. He threatened to use them in advertising near my family’s home if I ever left or caused him any trouble. If he did that, it would bring great shame to my family.”

Again, Ron interrupted Seema. “Are these the pictures you’re talking about?” He pulled a folder from his briefcase and tossed it onto the desk. All the erotic pictures of Seema spread out over the table. A small camera memory stick was in the pile as well.

Seema bowed her head in shame. A tear fell from her eye. “Yes, Sir. Those are the photographs. I am so ashamed of them. I wish you had not seem them.”

“Seema, these pictures are unimportant now. They are yours do with as you wish. My offer is real. Would you like to be my Personal Assistant? If you don’t want to take the offer, I understand. Regardless of your decision, you are no longer under contract to Mr. Tamraj. You are free of him. He has no hold on you anymore. You may stay and work here if you like or move on with your life. It is completely up to you now.”

“Are you serious, Ron. How did you get Mr. Tamraj to give you my contract and those photographs?”

“You would be surprised to find out the kind of response I got when I made a little comment about the authorities investigating all of his businesses. Guys like Tamraj will become very cooperative when they see the government may get involved in their business. It’s the same all over the world.” Ron said with a chuckle.

“Do you really want me to be your Personal Assistant? I’m a dancer here at The Wild West.” Seema was nearly in shock.

“Yes, I am serious, Seema. I know very well where we are. What is your desire?” He asked with a wide grin.

Seema jumped up, threw her arms around Ron’s neck, and kissed him. This time, Ron responded by passionately returning the kiss. When Seema breathlessly broke the kiss, the girl was practically in tears. “Oh yes, Ron! Yes, yes, yes! I do so want to be your Personal Assistant. I promise to do my best to serve you well.”

“Good! Would you like to return to your apartment now, or would you consent to having dinner with me. Or, do you need a bit of time to consider your options?” Ron asked.

“I don’t need any time to think about it. I have been hoping you felt the same way about me as I feel about you. All I need is enough time to change my clothes. I don’t think you want to take me to dinner dressed in this lingerie.”

Ron smiled at the beautiful young lady he had just hired as she rapidly gathered the documents and pictures lying on the desk. He laughed and said. “I’d enjoy taking you anywhere dressed in that outfit. However, it may be just a bit drafty out in the streets of Mumbai.”

Seema giggled as she stuffed the contract and pictures back into the folder and practically ran out the door of the office she and Ron had been using. “I need a few minutes to change. I’ll be right back.” She shouted back over her shoulder.

It took Seema less than five minutes to change into her street clothes. She was beaming with happiness as she came out of the dancer’s dressing room for the last time.

Ron and Seema had dinner that evening at the American consulate. Over dinner, their conversation covered many of Seema’s new duties as Ron’s Personal Assistant. The pay he offered was more than generous. She would have private quarters in Ron’s home to which she would have the only key.

The American Ambassador to India joined them as desert was served. A representative of the Indian government accompanied the Ambassador. Seema was in awe. Never in her wildest dreams had she ever thought she would be sitting in the American consulate at the same table with such rich and powerful men.

The visitors seated themselves, and Ron introduced them to Seema. He then asked her if she could be ready to leave early the next morning.

“I’d love to, but I don’t have a passport. That will take…”

The Indian representative interrupted her. Ms. Seema Patel, is this what you will need to make this journey?” He then laid her brand new passport next to her desert plate.

Seema’s grabbed the document and confirmed it was hers. The picture of her had been cropped from one of those taken by Ron from Mr. Tamraj. Her mouth dropped open in awe. It usually took months to get a passport.

“Ms. Patel, you will also need this.” The American ambassador then handed her a work visa. The work visa would allow Seema to enter and stay in the United States as long as she remained employed by Ron and his software company.

Seema broke down and cried. She could not believe this was all happening to her so fast. She tried to speak but only blubbered through her tears and sobs. She finally was able to utter one word. “How?”

Ron laughed, took her hands in his, and said. “I told you I sell security and defense software to my government. India is one of my customers as well. You’d be surprised how quickly things can be done with just a word in the right ear. Now, how soon can you be ready to leave for Chicago?”

“I can be ready to go in the morning, but I should call my mother. I would also like to say good-bye to Jenny.”

“Of course. Here, use my cell-phone to call your mother. Talk as long as you like. I’m sure she will be happy to hear from you. She is sure to be pleased that your education has helped you do so well. There’s no need to mention The Wild West or how we met. There is nothing to gain by shaming you or your family. Later this evening, we can stop by Jenny’s apartment so you can tell her what’s happening.”

Ron then left the table with the other two men. They quietly chatted at the side of the room while Seema talked to her mother.

After twenty minutes or so, Seema disconnected from her mother. Tears were streaming down her face but she wore a broad smile on her lips.

As Ron had predicted, Mrs. Patel had wished her only daughter well. Her mother was very happy to know Seema was going to put her college degree to such a good use. “Perhaps Mr. Ron would be so kind and let you visit your family when his business brings him back to India.” Mrs. Patel did not know, and hopefully never would know, about the months Seema has spent dancing at The Wild West. Of course, without The Wild West, Seema would never have met Ron.

Later that night, Ron and Seema went to see Jenny. Like Seema’s mother, Jenny was also pleased that everything was working out so well for her friend. Even though Seema had been working on her own for some time by then, the older girl still felt a little protective of her trainee. With both girls crying their eyes out, Seema insisted Jenny take several month’s worth of her half of the apartment rent.

Seema had saved up several thousand dollars from her work at The Wild West. This further convinced Ron that he had made a good choice for a Personal Assistant. If she handled his money as carefully as she handled her own, he would have no worries in that area.

The corporate jet carrying Ron and his new, and very nervous, Personal Assistant lifted off from the Mumbai airport shortly after dawn the next morning. Over the next several hours, Ron laid out Seema’s new duties as his PA. She would be responsible for setting all of his appointments when they traveled, except those previously set by his corporate secretary. She would also make arrangements for any visitors to his home. Most of his expenses were covered by a corporate credit card. However, Seema would be responsible for his sizable personal accounts, including a sizable stock portfolio.

“But Sir, are you certain I can do all of this? I know so little about American finances.” Seema, for the first time, let Ron see her less than full of self-confidence.

“You will be great. I don’t expect you to jump right in to this with no experience or training. I have people with expertise in all the areas of your new responsibilities. They will thoroughly train you in the skills you will need. My broker will continue to handle the day to day work of managing my assets. Your job will be more one of supervision than actually doing the work. I need someone I can trust to oversee my accounts. Seema, can I trust you?”

“Oh, yes Sir. I will do my very best to please you, Sir.” She replied.

“Good! Now relax! I am certain you will do well. I promise. My first order to you is a simple one. You will not call me ‘Sir’ when we are not involved in business. Please use my name, Ron.”

Seema visibly relaxed a little.

Ron then leaned forward and gently kissed her lips. “Besides, I hope you will become more to me than just a business associate. You must remember though, we must keep business and personal life separate.”

Seema returned his kiss and smiled broadly. “I will do my best for you, S…, I mean Ron. I too want to be more to you than just an employee.” She paused as if in thought. “Ron, would it be alright if I danced for you every now and then? I did so enjoy dancing for you.”

Ron smiled, leaned back in his chair, and held his arms out to the young woman. “Of course! I will look forward to the sexy dances from such a beautiful young lady.

When they landed in Chicago, Ron’s driver, Edward, met them at the plane and took them home. She was in awe at the sight of her new quarters in Ron’s home. They were larger than her family’s entire home in India. She had a living room, a bedroom with a large bed, and even her own private bath. Her bedroom had a view overlooking Lake Michigan.

The day after her arrival in Chicago, before leaving on his next business trip, Ron gave Seema a gold credit card for her personal use. Ron’s secretary, Sandra, took Seema shopping. They bought the young woman a complete new wardrobe including business suits, formal dresses, casual wear, and all the accessories that went with the new clothing. Seema was a bit reluctant to charge so much on Ron’s credit card.

Sandra ensured Seema that Ron would have no problem with the charges. “He expects you to be dressed properly for any occasion, and the costs are a normal part of your expenses. He will expect nothing less.”

“Okay, but it is so much money. I am not sure I should spend so much on my personal things.”

“Ron has chosen wisely. You will make him an excellent Personal Assistant.” Sandra encouraged the girl. “Besides, you will be taking a heavy load of work off me when you are trained for your duties.”

The next few weeks were hectic for Seema. She didn’t see much of Ron. He went out of town on several short business trips during that time.

Sandra could not have been nicer to Seema. She had promised Ron she would make sure Seema was properly attired for whatever activity she would be involved in. Sandra oversaw every facet of Seema’s wardrobe and training. Seema could soon go anywhere she needed and be confident she was dressed appropriately. She was tutored in all the areas she would need to do her job. Seema was grateful she had always been a quick study. She was soon doing more and more of her duties without supervision. Over the next several months, Seema became more and more competent and confident in her duties for Ron.

One evening Ron arrived home very tense. It had been a long hard day of nearly constant meetings with government bureaucrats. He looked forward to a relaxing evening at home.

Seema, seeing Ron’s tense state, brought him his favorite cocktail after dinner. With a grin on her face, she asked Ron a question. “Ron, may I dance for you? I always enjoyed dancing for you, and I would like to do it again.”

Ron smiled broadly at his Personal Assistant. “I would love that. However, I don’t want you to do anything that would make you feel uncomfortable with me or your job.”

“Oh no, Sir. You said I should keep business and private life separate. I am on my own time now, and I really want to dance for you. Please let me dance for you again. I really miss dancing for you.”

“If you are sure you want dance for me? I just don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do. If you really want to, I would love to have you dance for me again.”

“Yes, Ron. I really enjoyed dancing for you at The Wild West, and I want to do it again.”

“Wonderful! Shall we go up to my quarters so the other staff won’t bother us?” Ron asked.

“That would be nice. Give me just a few minutes to shower and change. I’ll come dance for you as soon as I put something nice on for you.”

Seema practically ran up the stairs to her quarters. She quickly stepped out of the dress and underwear she had been wearing as she closed her door. She glanced in her full-length mirror as she walked into her bathroom. She was glad she had kept up with her shaving. Her bald pussy was as smooth as a baby’s butt. After a quick shower, Seema put on the only reminder she had of her days at The Wild West. She had kept the flowing lime green negligee with its matching baby-doll pajamas. It was the same one she had been wearing the night Ron ask her to become his Personal Assistant, and she considered it her lucky charm.

Seema knocked on Ron’s door and waited until he called for her to come in. He was seated on a small couch on the far side of the main room. He was gazing out a window that offered a panoramic view of his expansive property. He had his sound system playing soft easy music. He never did care for the extremely loud hard driving noise the passed for music at The Wild West.

As Seema entered, Ron turned to face her. He smiled broadly and was very pleased to see the vision of beauty coming toward him. Her negligee’s robe fluttered on the breeze as she crossed the room. It was like a wispy light green cloud. The thin material of the matching baby-doll pajamas did little to conceal the girl’s firm C-cup tits, tight smooth body, and bald pussy. She turned and wiggled her firm round ass for Ron’s pleasure.

Slowly, Seema began swaying to the music that softly filled the room.

Ron leaned back on the couch. A wide smile seemed to be permanently fixed on his face.

Seema seductively danced for Ron. With the easier musical beat, Seema knew she could keep dancing for much longer than when she danced for a living.

As she danced, her robe floated around Seema’s body and occasionally drifted over Ron’s head. As the song on the sound system came to an end, with slow delicate movements, Seema removed her robe and let it float to the floor next to Ron’s seat. She then moved closer to Ron as the next song began. She continued to sway and wiggle to the music bringing her body close to Ron.

Ron leaned forward and Seema pulled his head to her chest between her firm tits. She then pushed her tits together trapping Ron’s face between them. She stepped back a little when Ron tried to put his hands around her waist.

Smiling at him, Seema pulled her baby-doll top up and over her head. It joined her robe on the floor. She then had only the thin panties on. Again she danced close to Ron and swayed so her tits rubbed Ron’s face. This time, when he reached around her, Seema let him embrace her. With a hand on each of her firm butt cheeks, Ron pulled her to him and hugged her tight. Almost as one, they slowly fell back onto the couch. Seema continued to writhe on top of Ron’s body. She sensually rubbed her tits over Ron’s chest. Her nipples were as hard as small stones.

While his hands kneaded her butt, Ron bent his head forward and took Seema’s right nipple into his mouth. She was soon moaning with pleasure as she pressed her tit into his mouth. Her pussy was becoming extremely wet.

It took all her will power to push up and off Ron. She then began unbuttoning his shirt. The shirt quickly landed on the floor with Seema’s clothes. Next she slipped down to her knees and unfastened Ron’s belt and pants. He raised his hips as she pulled them down and off his butt and legs.

They were both then in nothing but their silky underwear. Since this was a private setting, Seema was not under the same restrictions she had been under at the club. At The Wild West, she had not been allowed to remove any of the customers clothing. Continuing her erotic dance, Seema nibbled and kissed Ron’s rock hard silk covered cock. Sliding her mouth up and down the organ she used one hand to feel his balls while the other stroked his cock.

“Come up her, Baby.” Ron reluctantly pulled Seema off his cock and had her lay on his chest. They kissed passionately as he hugged her tightly.

“Seema, I want to ask you something I’ve wanted to ask for some time now. Please say nothing until I finish.” Ron said.

“Alright, Ron. Did I do something wrong?” She asked.

“Oh no, baby. You’ve done everything right, almost too right. It’s just that I’ve been thinking about this ever since you agreed to be my Personal Assistant. Do you remember when I told you then that I cared for you and wanted you with me? Do you remember I said if my heart and emotions were allowed to have their way, I didn’t know what may come? Well Seema, my heart and emotions have gotten away from me. I would like it very much if we could make our arrangement a little more permanent. What do you think?”

Seema was confused. “What do you mean by ‘more permanent?’ What are you asking of me?”

Ron stood and had Seema sit on the couch. He knelt in front of her and took her petite hands in his strong hands. He swallowed hard, looked into Seema’s eyes and asked. “Seema, I love you. I want you to be the mother of my children. Will you marry me?”

Seema leaped up and threw her arms around Ron’s neck. “Oh yes! I will marry you. I love you too, Ron.” They then kissed with a passion that lit a fire deep in Seema’s core. While they kissed, her nipples grew even harder and her pussy became even wetter.

When they broke the kiss, Seema gasped. “Oh Ron, I’ve wanted to hear that from you for months. I will do my best to make you a good wife. It will give me great pleasure to have your children. I hope I never disappoint you. I, I, ….” Seema was so excited she was stuttering.

Ron put his index finger to her lips and laughed. “I know you will be a fine wife. But, for now, why don’t you go to bed. We will shop for your wedding rings tomorrow. We have a lot of planning to do.”

Seema was disappointed she didn’t get to continue dancing for her betrothed. She was extremely excited by the dancing and Ron’s proposal. She would have done anything for him. She was ready and willing to give him her most treasured gift right then and there. “Oh Ron, can’t I finish my dance for you. I know you will like the end of my dance. It will give me great pleasure to give myself to you. You must know you will be my first.” She begged.

Ron knew what she meant. He too was so excited his cock felt like it was about to explode. It somewhat surprised him when Seema said he would be her first. After all, he had met her in a strip club. He had just assumed she had been with others.

“Really Seema? I’d be the first to be with you?”

“Yes, Ron! You know I danced at The Wild West and let men fondle me, but I have never allowed anyone to put anything inside me, not even a finger. I am a virgin! You can have me now if you want me.”

“Oh my God! All the more reason for you to go to your quarters. And, no more dances until after we are married. I will enjoy beyond measure your dance on our wedding night. I will take your offered gift with a great deal of pleasure on our wedding bed.”

With that, Ron and Seema hugged and kissed until they were both breathless. He then patted her ass and sent her to her rooms. Though he was a wealthy man of the world, he still remembered the moral teachings of his deceased mother. She had always insisted he not deflower a maiden unless he was married to her.

“Ron, may I call my mother tonight and have her send me a wedding sari? It will be rather costly.”

“Of course you may call your mother. Don’t worry about the costs. I can afford it, and anything that makes you happy will be just fine with me.”

Late that night, Seema called her mother. Mrs. Patel was overjoyed with the news of her daughter’s betrothal. She quickly agreed to find the perfect sari for her daughter’s wedding. Asha Patel immediately began telling her daughter how to behave as a new bride and wife. Asha even went into detail on what to expect from her new husband on her wedding night. They talked on and on for a long time before Seema got off the phone with her mother. Both women knew there was much to do to prepare for the upcoming wedding.

Ron called Sandra and took the next day off. Early next morning, Ron and Seema went shopping for a wedding ring set.

It took all morning and into the afternoon to find just the right ring set. Ron wanted something large enough to show the world how much he loved his fiancée. Ron had found several diamond ring sets he liked. Seema repeatedly told him they were too big and expensive. Finally, a little afternoon, Ron was able to convince Seema he could afford any diamond ring she wanted. He persuaded her to accept a nice sized ring.

Ron looked deeply into Seema’s eyes as he kneeled in the jewelry store showroom. As he slipped the engagement ring onto the girl’s ring finger of her left hand, he pledged to love and care for her forever. They kissed passionately and at length right in the jewelry store.

“Now Seema, we will go to my office where I will turn you and the wedding plans over to Sandra. She will help you with all the wedding arrangements. I still have to work to do, you know.” Ron told her with a broad smile and just a bit of sarcasm. He was secretly happy to pass off the wedding planning to Sandra and step back from it. If Seema continued to be as frugal with his money as she had been that morning, he knew he not only had a great PA but a fantastic bride.

The next several weeks were very hectic for Seema and Sandra. Sandra had been taken off her normal duties as Ron’s secretary and been assigned to assist Seema. It seemed Sandra became Seema’s very own personal assistant. The two women spent nearly everyday together settling the details of the upcoming wedding.

The wedding was just a few days away when Ron called Seema from his office. “Seema dear, I need you to have Edward take the limo and run you out to O’hare. I have some Indian associates coming in for the wedding, and I want you to meet them for me. They are Very Important People and will be arriving on my plane. It will be landing in about two hours. They will be staying at the house with us. So, be certain the guest rooms are ready.”

“Yes, Ron. The rooms will be ready. Edward and I will leave right away.”

This was not an unusual request. Seema frequently met Ron’s business associates at the airport, and they occasionally stayed at Ron’s home.

Seema gave the housekeeping staff their instructions to prepare the guests rooms. She and Edward then left for Chicago’s O’hare Airport.

Edward and Seema stood by the terminal windows and watched as Ron’s private jet touched down. They then headed to the customs counter where they waited just inside the door that led to the tarmac. They could hear the plane taxi up near the door. The customs agent that usually assisted Ron’s associates clear US Customs slowly opened the door.

Seema became weak in her knees and unable to speak. Edward, who had been expecting such an occurrence, steadied her by taking hold of her elbow. Everyone in the household but Seema had known who was coming in.

Seema found her voice. “MOTHER! BROTHER!” The girl screamed. She then rushed up to her family and, with tears flowing down the faces of both women, hugged her family.

“How did…? How did you…? Oh never mind. I know Ron arranged this. He is so wonderful to me.”

Her mother smiled and replied. “Yes daughter! Your Ron arranged for us to come here for your wedding. He arranged for all of our papers and even sent his own airplane to bring us here. We have had several very pleasant conversations. I believe you are right. He is a wonderful man and will be a good husband for you. You will honor your family by being a good wife for him.”

Seema and her family chattered like a bunch of magpies while passing quickly through customs and heading to the limo. As Edward loaded the car’s trunk, there was one package that was kept separate from the rest of the luggage. No mention was made of that package. It was simply placed apart from the rest of their luggage.

Mrs. Patel was amazed at the size of the car. She had never seen such a thing.

When Edward had the car loaded, he whisked them all home. There, while he unloaded the car, Seema showed her mother and brother to their rooms. Mrs. Patel was in awe when her daughter gave the household staff instructions and they immediately set to work. Again, no mention was made of the mysterious package that was carefully laid on Mrs. Patel’s bed by one of the maids.

The next few days were filled with shopping, dining in fine restaurants, and site seeing. Sandra directed most of these activities since she knew all the best places to see, shop, and eat.

Finally, the big day arrived. It was a very nervous Seema who had breakfast with Sandra, and her family. Ron had left the house several days earlier on the pretense of being out of town on business. Actually, he had been staying at a motel near his office. Since the wedding would be held in the garden at his home, he knew the women would drive him nuts with the million questions women always have before a wedding. Besides, he had a ton of preparations to make as well. He was taking his new bride to a South Pacific Island few people had even heard of. He rented the entire island for the two weeks following the wedding. The only other people remaining would be a cook and a maid, and they were to stay away from the newlyweds unless called.

Sandra and Asha helped Seema get ready. They all had their hair done by the best hairdresser in Chicago. He came to the house and worked his magic on all the women. The cosmetologist that came with the hairdresser applied their make-up to perfection. The women, especially Seema, seemed to radiate with beauty. Even Manish told his sister how pretty she was.

Ron arrived unseen about an hour before the ceremony was scheduled to begin. He was accompanied by his groomsmen. They included the American Ambassador to India, his Indian counter part, and several executives from his company.

About the time Ron arrived, Seema’s mother came into her quarters carrying the mysterious package. When Seema opened it, she found it contained the most beautiful wedding sari she had ever seen. It was yards and yards of the brightest red silk with an abundance of gold embroidery.

“Oh Mother!” Seema gasped. “How did you ever get this? It is so beautiful. Is it borrowed? I will be very careful with it.”

“No, Seema.” Mrs. Patel answered. As they began wrapping the sari around Seema’s body, Asha continued. “It is yours. Ron sent a car for me one day. It took me to the finest dress shops in Delhi. He had the driver take care of all the costs. He told me he wanted me to be proud of you, and see how beautiful my daughter was on her wedding day. Only a really good husband would do such a thing. I only wish your father could be here to see you now.”

Finally, all preparations were complete. Seema’s brother, Manish, stood in for their father and escorted his sister down the staircase and out into the garden. They turned a corner and faced the aisle that led to the altar. Both sides of the aisle were packed with people. As the band began playing the Wedding March, they all stood and looked her way.

Seema’s time at the Wild West had given the young woman ample self-confidence. When she was nearly nude and performing on stage or in the couch room, Seema could control her nerves. This was very different. She was surrounded by hundreds of rich and powerful people. Even fully dressed and wrapped in her wedding sari, Seema was visibly nervous. Her hand shook as her brother led her down the aisle toward her betrothed.

As she walked down the aisle, Seema could hear many of the guests commenting on how beautiful she was. Seema knew the crowd was filled with many well-wishing people she did not know.

However, when she saw her Ron waiting for her at the altar her nerves quieted. She concentrated on his smiling face and thought to herself. ‘How did I get so lucky to have found such a wonderful man? My Karma is smiling on me.’

Ron too blocked out his guests. He saw only his bride coming to him. He was struck again by how beautiful she was. Even the man of the world that he was had never seen such a beautiful woman. The red sari with gold embroidery made Seema seem to radiate beauty. ‘Soon!’ he thought. ‘Soon she will be mine. How did I ever get so lucky to have convince this beautiful creature to marry me?’

Ron had arranged to have the wedding ceremony conducted by a judge. Since members of many faiths would be present, he didn’t want offend any of them. Seema had only met the judge a few times and didn’t know his position on the court.

The ceremony lasted just a short time. Seema was fixated on her Ron’s eyes. Likewise, he gazed deeply into Seema’s eyes. They were practically oblivious to the many people watching them. Seema’s family and most of the guests sitting on the front row near the altar could see the love Ron and Seema had for each other.

Except for the brief exchange of vows, the spell was broken only when the judge spoke to Ron. “You may kiss your bride.”

Just a few seconds later the Chief Justice of the Cook County Superior Court and Ron’s friend spoke with a loud and clear voice. “Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my distinct pleasure to introduce to you, Mr. and Mrs. Ron Stanton.”

The couple turned to face the applauding audience. Ron placed his arm around Seema’s waist and held her close to his side. He escorted his new bride back down the aisle through the cheering guests. The next few hours were a blur for Seema. So many people wished her well that the poor girl didn’t know whom she had spoken to and who she hadn’t. All she knew was that she was Ron’s wife.

After many hours at the reception, the guests began filtering out. A short time later, only the staff and the Patels remained. Ron pulled his wife close to him and said good night to the few remaining guests.

Seema’s mother tearfully kissed her new son-in-law and wished him a long and happy life with Seema. Seema blushed when her mother wished for many grand children.

Asha Patel then hugged and kissed her daughter. She then whispered into Seema’s ear. “My daughter, I know your husband already has your heart, and I can see you have his. Now go to your husband! It is time to give him all of your love. Do so with no fears or regrets. You should always enjoy your husband’s attentions. Give all of yourself to him now and forever.”

Ron then took his wife’s hand and led her up the stairs to his, er, their quarters. Their first night as a married couple would be spent in familiar surroundings. They would be leaving on their honeymoon the next day.

Ron hit the remote control button as they entered their quarters and soft music filled the room. As if on cue, Seema began gently swaying to the music. Seema had the glow of happiness on her face. She asked her new husband an unneeded question. “My dear husband, may your wife dance for you tonight?”

“I would be very happy to see you dance again. The frustrations I felt in the past will not be a problem tonight. Please dance for me, my darling wife.”

Slowly, very slowly, Seema began dancing for her husband. After a time, she began unwrapping the sari from around her body. She pulled the end of the silk cloth from where it had been tucked next to her right breast. She squeezed his hand as she handed Ron the loose end of the silk and gold cloth. Seema continued swaying her hips and turning slowly round and round. Her firm breasts were soon exposed. She cupped them in her hands as if offering them to Ron.

As she continued to turn, Ron folded the sari’s silken material into a neat pile. After many yards of the material had been pulled from her body, the last of the sari fell from her hips. Seema stood before her husband in nothing but her panties and the soft slippers she had worn all evening. Her silky panties and slippers were bright red to match her sari. Still in time to the music, she stepped out of the slippers and slid her panties seductively off her hips and down her shapely legs.

Ron’s eyes were gleaming as he gazed at his bride’s completely nude body for the first time. He was tempted to grab Seema and ravage her that very instant. However, he wanted to make her first night as his bride one to be remembered fondly as one of loving care.

Ron stood and reached out to take his bride into his arms. She gently pushed his hands away and began removing his clothes. She was as aroused as Ron was. So, it didn’t take her long to have her husband standing only in his silken boxers. A large bulge was straining to be freed from the confines of his silk underwear.

Her dance continued. Seema rubbed her nude body against Ron hard body. Slowly, she slid down to her knees and ran her open-mouthed lips over Ron’s silk covered erection.

With a broad smile on her face, Seema looked up and said. “Tonight I will have you.” She then lowered Ron’s boxers to his ankles and he stepped out of them. Seema’s eyes widened as she stared at the stiff seven inch cock in front of her face.

Ron pulled Seema to her feet and pulled her tightly to his chest. “And I will have you and your special gift. I will try not to hurt you too much, Honey.” He then scooped her up into his strong arms and carried her to their bed.

As her husband carried Seema to bed, she spoke softly. “I am yours, my husband. If you hurt me, it is only a natural part of our wedding night. You may have me any way you wish. I promise I will never refuse you.”

They then passionately kissed, as Ron laid his virginal wife on their wedding bed. Crawling into bed next to her, Ron cuddled up next to Seema and began fondling her firm C-cup tits.

Seema was soon breathing rapidly. Her nipples stood erect and tingled. “Oh Ron. That feels so good.”

Though Ron had fondled her tits many times before at the Wild West and in their home, this was the first time he wouldn’t be restrained. As he alternately sucked on her nipples, his hand drifted down her firm smooth belly. As he gently caressed her shaved pubic mound, he whispered in her ear. “Baby, I love a bald pussy.”

Seema smiled. “Then I will keep it that way for YYYYyyyyou.” She gasped and her eyes widened. Ron had stroked his fingers over her most intimate place. The place no one had ever touched before.

Ron slid his fingers over her snuggly closed pussy lips again. As his finger moved up and down her slit, he spread her tight lips open a little. He then began kissing his way down her body. She gradually opened her legs for him as he kissed his way down her tingling body. Soon he was laying between her widely spread legs.

Ron took a deep breath of his bride’s natural aroma. He then gave her a long pussy-lip parting lick from near her asshole to her clit.

Seema gasped. She could hardly breath.

“Uummm. I love the aroma and taste of your virgin pussy, my love.” He then began licking, sucking, and probing Seema’s virgin hole with abandon.

Seema was soon writhing on the bed at the tip of Ron’s tongue. Her lubrication juices were freely flowing and coated Ron’s face. In a short time, she thrust her pelvis up and shuddered as a climatic orgasm washed over her. “OH YES, RON!” She cried out.

While Seema was in a post-orgasmic bliss, Ron kissed his way back up her body. She became aware of the strange taste on Ron’s face as they kissed. She purposely licked his cheek. “Is that what I taste like?”

“Yes, Baby. You taste good don’t you?” Ron replied.

Seema smiled and shrugged. “I guess so. I’d think I’d rather be tasting you.”

“You will, Baby. But not right away.” About that time, Ron’s cock found its target.

Seema gasped and tensed when the head of Ron’s cock pressed up against the entrance to her most intimate place. She quickly calmed down, spread her legs wide, and spoke breathlessly to her new husband. “You have my heart. You may now take all the love I have to give. I am yours, my love. Take your wife, my husband.”

Ron gently pressed forward. His cock slowly spread Seema’s pussy lips open. He continued pressing forward until he bumped into her hymen. He felt his bride tense and heard her gasp. Pausing for a moment, Ron gave Seema a chance to relax. Then, he tightly hugged his wife. Her ample tits were crushed against his chest. He whispered into her ear. “I love you, Seema.”

She hugged him back and said. “I love you too, Ron.”

Ron then thrust forward. He felt her hymen’s resistance give way. With the rending of Seema’s hymen, her virginity was swept away and given to her husband. His cock’s head was quickly and firmly pressed against Seema’s cervix.

“AIEEEEEEEE!” Seema loudly cried out. A single tear from each eye rolled down the side of her face.

Down the hallway, in her room, Asha Patel smiled. Her daughter had just become a wife. ‘Be a good wife, my daughter.’ She silently advised.

Meanwhile, Ron lay motionless over Seema. His seven inch cock buried to the hilt in his bride’s devirginated pussy. He could feel her body adjusting to the invader in its midst.

After a few minutes, Ron kissed his wife and asked. “Are you alright, Seema?”

“Yes. I’m fine. Pain is a normal part of a wedding night. I am really yours now. Finish taking your new wife, my husband.” She then hugged and kissed all over Ron’s face.

Ron began stroking his cock slowly in and out of her sore pussy. Slowly, Ron increased the speed and force of his thrust into Seema’s tender hole.

Even with the soreness she felt in her pussy, Seema returned the thrusts she was getting from Ron. They were both soon approaching their climaxes. Seema wrapped her legs around Ron’s waist and humped up toward him as he drove into her core.

As she exploded in orgasm, Ron drove deep into his bride’s pussy and held his cock against her cervix. He erupted and bathed her cervix with its first load of baby making cum. “Oh Seema! Here it comes, Baby.”

“OH RON, GIVE IT TO ME!” Seema shouted. As her orgasm subsided, she continued. “I can feel you squirting inside me. It’s warm and feels wonderful.”

“Yes, Baby. You do feel good. You will be a great wife.

Asha Patel smiled and rolled over to go to sleep.

Ron and Seema soon drifted off to sleep with his cock still in her pussy. Sometime during the night he softened and slipped out of Seema’s hole.

Ron awoke early the next morning. Seema had awoken a short time earlier, retrieved a damp wash cloth from the master bath, and had gently cleaned her husbands blood, cum, and pussy juice covered cock. What woke Ron was the feeling of Seema’s mouth on his hard cock. He moaned and lifted his hips to encourage Seema’s efforts.

Seema pulled her mouth off Ron’s cock, looked up at him, and smiled. “Good morning, Darling. You said I would be tasting you soon. Is this a good time?” She giggled and replaced her mouth on his cock.

“It’s a wonderful time, Baby. Don’t let me disturb what you are doing.” Ron laid back with a smile on his face. ‘Yes, I have a wonderful wife.’

Though she had never given a blow-job before, her experiences at the Wild West had given her the basic idea. Jenny had also given her lots of advice on how to simulate a blow-job. She now only had to finish what she had so often started back then.

Seema bobbed up and down on her husband’s hard cock. Her tongue danced over his shaft and head that moved in her mouth. The only problem she had was her gag reflex was triggered each time she hit the back of her throat. It didn’t matter.

Ron was soon thrusting his hips off the bed feeding Seema as much of his cock as she could take. “I’m about to cum, Baby. You better be careful or you’ll be getting a mouth full.”

Seema only nodded and sucked harder.

Ron erupted. Spurt after spurt of his cum flooded into Seema’s waiting mouth.

She stopped bobbing up and down and sucked all the harder as Ron filled her mouth with cum. She swallowed as fast as she could until his orgasm ebbed. She then sat up, licked her lips, and smiled at Ron. “Ummmmm. I think you taste better than I do. It’s a little salty, but I can get used to that. I love you, my husband.”

“And I love you too, my wife.” They cuddled for a while before Ron suggested it was time to rise. “Now lets go see what the cook has for breakfast. We need to get busy so were can get to the airport.”

When the couple entered the kitchen, they found the Patels and much of the staff waiting for them. The staff all added their good wishes they had been unable to offer the night before. Asha Patel hugged them both. She then smiled broadly and knowingly winked at her daughter.

Seema blushed.

Thus began a life long and worldwide adventure for Ron and Seema Stanton. Seema gradually took over the complete duties as Ron’s Personal Assistant. She managed their money well and their assets grew rapidly. Whenever he traveled on business, she made all the arrangements and traveled with him.

Seema frequently teased Ron and reminded his of where they met. “I don’t think you will need to go to any Wild West clubs with me along.” She’d then wiggle her ass at him. As his wife, she frequently danced for him. Those dances usually ended with the couple making passionate love.

There were only brief interruptions to Seema’s travels with Ron. The first interruption came nearly a year to the day after their wedding. She delivered their first son at that time. Over the next several years, Ron and Seema had four children. The three boys took after their father. They were large, strong, and handsome lads. The last child was a very beautiful and smart girl.

“Just like her mother.” Ron frequently said to any that would listen.

Seema’s mother and brother were added to the Stanton staff. Asha Patel was hired as the children’s nanny. Asha could not have been happier.

Manish soon became known as Manny. His first priority was to do his best in college. When he showed an interest in them, in addition to his studies, Manny tended to the cars in Ron’s extensive collection of classic automobiles.

Seema and Ron had a long, loving, and lustful marriage. They were always there for each other and remained happily married well into their old age.

Karma had indeed had its way with Seema. She had gone from being a naïve young lady in a small Indian village, to being an educated accountant, to dancing at a strip club, and to being the wife of a rich and powerful man whom she love deeply. Seema’s life had turned into a wonderful and exciting adventure.